Green is my colour,
Nigeria is Green,
Africa  is Green,
Our land is Green.
My heart is Green,
God is Green.

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My Darkness

My darkness is consuming

It eats away at my core,

My heart, my head, my body, my thoughts,

Are consumed by the internal depths of a dim and rusted light.


Past, present and future clouded in the gloom of a mad scientist.

The pains of being an originalist,

The sorrows of being an exceptionalist.


My darkness is consuming,

It devours my past into pointlessness,

It demonizes my present into bleakness,

It develops my future into illness


Although my darkness guides my light,

My light can shine brighter than before when the curtains hadn’t closed.

I'm assured everything will be alright,

That I will indeed see a brighter light than before.


But while my darkness consumes me,

I see only the dark me.

I see the darkness of my reflection that taunts all of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


For right now, I am not me,

But a moment of myself,

That will inform the moments ahead on how precious things could be.


My darkness is my best friend,

Whom I would gladly murder,

But perhaps in another life,

Since my darkness is me and

He must heed to me eventually.

My New Best Friend

He’s with me all the time,

We’re practically best friends.

He’s there for me the hard times the most.

He’s the worst friend I’ve ever had,

I regret the moments I introduced him to my life.


He taunts me, provokes me, pushes me,

He ruins me.

He turns me, frustrates me, rushes me,

He makes me.


I struggle to get him out of my life,

But he only gets closer.

I try to block him out,

But he only gets darker.


I hate him. But he loves me.

I wish him out of my life with the little passion he’s left me with,

But he remains around me,

As if his sadistic job was to torture me through this period of my life,

I loath him for this resulting strife.


I’m told one day he’ll die,

And rather than suffering in perpetuation,

I will caese the constant struggle towards evasion,

But his ghost may haunt my internal abrasions,

I wish his death would hasten…


I know he’ll die eventually.

Being left with his sporadic memories.  

The Return Of Love


As I lay nearby, bare, wanting,
Waiting for you to begin with
I can’t hide my longing, craving
My small desires from deep within.
I give to you, my body and soul
My heart, my mind,
my eager, my thirst
As we make  love together,
And we make each other whole.
You lie down here beside me,
Touching softly my perfumed skin.
As your lips trace little circles,
Moisture trails from where you’ve been.
My breasts haul for your touch at this moment,
Nipples about to reach and quench my thirst
As your mouth and tongue caress them,
And my thoughts begin to fly.
You move on down my body,
Your tongue licking as you goes.
I anticipate your movements,
As my head swings to and fro.
You settle there between them,
As my eyes  move open wide.
I feel your breath, I tremble,
As your tongue slides deep my lips.
My eyes are closed, but yet  I can see,
Our destination, our lust very clear.
The path we take, we’ve gone before,
As I reach to grab your ears.
From slow, and long, and softly,
To fast, and hard, and firm.
Your tongue beats out a rhythm,
That makes my body wriggle.
My wetness tells a story,
Of where my body’s been.
That’s why I love the feeling,
And want to go there once again.
Your fingers move, along my sides,
My breasts are in your hands
Your tongue extends, my desire exposed,
I submit to your demands, orders
You embrace me into yours
I wait for you to start.
And as my pulse pounds wilder still,
You sketch my face apart.
I feel as though my breath won’t come,
I gasp, and sigh, and lift.
But still you won’t release me
Until my climax, I achieve.
My lips  are twitching, shaking hard,
I have no self control.
You squeeze me away,  roll  me hard,
Your praise me a lot
Your movements seem to quicken,
As my heart begins to race.
My blood begins to heat up,
Beads of sweat roll down my face.
My body tenses, yearning,
Reaching for that final goal.
With waves of passion, rolling,
We collapse, and lie together,
Content, and satisfied.
With the journey now behind us,
With a love that we can’t hide.
We fall asleep exhausted,
Knowing well the game we’ve played.
As I plan our morning after,
When I return the love you made.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a love poem by Williamsji Maveli

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A ship’s,

Sails float precariously,

In the wind.

The hollow of their shell,

Like caucasian tides,

Floating, Swimming,


Their bloated, rotting flesh,

Fat with liquid like,

Drowned rats.


As vermin,

To the depths of the sea.

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The Solemner

I saw you on the train that morning.

You looked so misshapen,

With your superfluous lower lip protruding,

Like the petal of a rose,

Damaged by morning dew.

Your eyes wondered,

Like glass marbles, pouring

Distain into all you knew.

Like a diamond in the rough,

You were there among the grey,

Shaped into nothing but Solemness.

A Solemner.

Lost in the morning,

Of heavy tides and and matchstick lives,

Disappearing completely.

Those eyes, those cheeks,

That imploring gaze,

Made me no Solemner

Then a man could be.

Such beauty,


Wasted through the day,

As it seeps through the drain,

Like water.

Down it falls,

Never to be seen again.

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This pains I feel deep inside I cannot say
My weakness, To whom will I relay

I cannot sleep, I gazed at the moon
As it regains its shape in full

I see the stars as if I could reach for it
But I can't, I am not fit

Tears rolled down my cheek
A word I couldn't speak

I was filled with pains
Deep inside my bones

I wonder whom I will pray
So I can sleep today...

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Twisted Lies

Happiness is what she confides in

As she stares into the night

There's nothing more satisfying

His comfort felt so right

She loves that calming look

As she looks deep in his eyes

But she suddenly has this feeling

That he's holding back some lies

He suddenly turned away from her

Now she felt so tossed

How can someone "complete" you

But continue to feel so lost

As she backs off from him

Her tears flowing down her face

He explains to her so tenderly

That he just needs some space

So weeks went by without one call

She started to feel her rage

He had her where he wanted her

Chained down and in a cage

She caught a glimpse of him one day

Her tummy in a whirl

For what she saw was full of pain

Him kissing another girl

Since that day she caged her voice

She put away her soul

Until that day she married him

And made her heart feel whole<3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had a little bit of help writing this from a friend :) but love how it turned out!

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Sometimes do you feel like a shadow?

You're always there but no-one knows

So many times you've gotten trampled on before

And before anyone notices, you're always gone


This is what I feel like

Not loved, forgotten and disliked

These things seem to get in the way

But they always say "push through the day"


Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't

I feel so sad and yet so mad

I am really not a shadow anymore

I am just a girl who is unsure


I'm lost in a life that I am living

Just hoping and wishing I could change the beginning. 


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