The Return Of Love


As I lay nearby, bare, wanting,
Waiting for you to begin with
I can’t hide my longing, craving
My small desires from deep within.
I give to you, my body and soul
My heart, my mind,
my eager, my thirst
As we make  love together,
And we make each other whole.
You lie down here beside me,
Touching softly my perfumed skin.
As your lips trace little circles,
Moisture trails from where you’ve been.
My breasts haul for your touch at this moment,
Nipples about to reach and quench my thirst
As your mouth and tongue caress them,
And my thoughts begin to fly.
You move on down my body,
Your tongue licking as you goes.
I anticipate your movements,
As my head swings to and fro.
You settle there between them,
As my eyes  move open wide.
I feel your breath, I tremble,
As your tongue slides deep my lips.
My eyes are closed, but yet  I can see,
Our destination, our lust very clear.
The path we take, we’ve gone before,
As I reach to grab your ears.
From slow, and long, and softly,
To fast, and hard, and firm.
Your tongue beats out a rhythm,
That makes my body wriggle.
My wetness tells a story,
Of where my body’s been.
That’s why I love the feeling,
And want to go there once again.
Your fingers move, along my sides,
My breasts are in your hands
Your tongue extends, my desire exposed,
I submit to your demands, orders
You embrace me into yours
I wait for you to start.
And as my pulse pounds wilder still,
You sketch my face apart.
I feel as though my breath won’t come,
I gasp, and sigh, and lift.
But still you won’t release me
Until my climax, I achieve.
My lips  are twitching, shaking hard,
I have no self control.
You squeeze me away,  roll  me hard,
Your praise me a lot
Your movements seem to quicken,
As my heart begins to race.
My blood begins to heat up,
Beads of sweat roll down my face.
My body tenses, yearning,
Reaching for that final goal.
With waves of passion, rolling,
We collapse, and lie together,
Content, and satisfied.
With the journey now behind us,
With a love that we can’t hide.
We fall asleep exhausted,
Knowing well the game we’ve played.
As I plan our morning after,
When I return the love you made.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a love poem by Williamsji Maveli

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