This is about the three who kept finding themselves up a tree. He thought, if we're busy as a bee I can get a degree and live carefree, while continuing to treat people crappy.


But in life's huge sea they couldn't see the forest for the trees and they remained peewee.He couldn't understand why things kept going awry, life kept giving them a black eye.


Although they were very good at being sly, their well had run dry, they were petrified. Then, they started to foresee life wasn't just about the three, so they made a decree and became devotees.


They kissed the old self goodbye, their life they rectified, it became clear skies.


So if you don't want to be the fall guy, getting high on your own supply, while life is keeping you on stand by. Then you must come to agree. Life is the Queen Bee and if you don't want to stay up a tree. You must realize life is much more than the three. I, My...ME!

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Reflections come many a kind, yours one way different comes mine. Now when I look in the mirror my image couldn't be clearer but is who I see the true me?


Because we are all are like a two edged sword and the mirror image we see is also us backwards.


So do our image string us along, while making us headstrong and all the time we see ourselves wrong?


You see her name was Affection such a lovely complexion, behold and get an erection but she was very good at rejection, only collecting hearts for hee collection.


She was the main dish elegant, swish but she had a blemish and it was hidden in her mirror image.


Until one day her bubble burst, felt she was under a curse, so for knowledge she started to thirst and found hee reflection was her in reverse.


Then her problem she addresses and she did it with zest, her true self became manifest, she went from stressed to blessed.


So if you're experiencing rejection, people treating you like you have an infection, it could be misdirection.


If you look in the mirror and think I'm too hip, I'm all that and a bag of chips. It may be time to flip the script.


Then if you're feeling rejection and can't seem to make a connection. What is your true Reflection.

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I beg for your attention,
Please this time,
Hear me,
Acknowledge me,
Understand what I am saying,
It has been far too long,
Since we spoke last,
And I have far too much,
To say.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think we all have those people in our lives who we wish would listen to what we have to say.

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So Listen


It hurts your Soul,

Your Mind, Your Body

moveless with heartbreak,

as you try to Understand,

Listen, Remember

your head hurts,

your weeping burns

a hole into your Eyes,

Your Mind, Your Heart

This is true love,

the hearfelt pain

trying to breathe,

but no air getting in-

your throat Closes,

Throbs, Imploads

as the with of death

takes you through

the pain that is - his


But Listen

as time goes on,

on you move,

And find the better

of what life can give-

A New Love

So Listen

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Please Listen to Me



Would you please listen to me?

I want you to be silent utterly,

And let me clarify,

My stance with no lie.


I’m not a dogmatic,

Yet I do respect logic,

I don’t exactly know,

What has gone wrong; tell me, will you?


I’m so sorry for the way,

I treated you yesterday,

I was out of my mind,

Leaving you all alone behind.


I do see the justification,

In your fury and frustration,

Caused by me,

And I find myself guilty.


What of the tender moments full of luminescence,

That I gifted you with in essence?

Do my mistakes prevail over,


My love and affection for you thus far?

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Silent Orchestra

It starts with-

Two wounded hearts.

Seperated between valleys.

During a a major storm-

Bodies were torn.


You have no buttons to push-

I built my bridges-

Now all my work is gone.

Threw away my wings and,

Polluted your mind.


Inside my head-

I am the one to blame.

Symphonies lullabied-

Your music played in vain.

Darling, your long-

Desires tinkered with wishes.

Do i say things clearly-

Or am I the one thats missing?

But you-


Stole my soul.

I'm empty handed.

Oh, Simon says-

Let things go!


Inside my head,

Silent orchestras play.

Knot of Normality - March 17, 2012

Chapter One

Hung by ropes of tension;

That're pulled so tight.

I'm suffocating, faking,


That I'll be all right.


I've got this knot,

Tied around my throat.

The knot of normality;

Secretly making me choke.


Pretended it wasn't there,

And that I didn't care,

I clearly didn't know,

The pain I couldn't show.


Each person pulling tighter,

On this rope so taut,

I cannot help the location,

In this knot I've been caught.


Ropes of everyone different,

Of people not listening,

Tie the knot of normality;

My blood so glistening.

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Sitting in Silence

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

listening to you talk about anything and everything that could possibly pop into your perfect little head.

The past, present, future, your family, your friends, your dreams.

I'd listen to you talk about all the things that make you cringed, or cry, or smoke from the ears.

I'd listen to you complain about the economy, the weather, or all the flaws you see in yourself though I see you as flawless.
And if for some reason,

through all your hours of talking, 

your mind goes blank,

and you run out of things to say,

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

being completely content listening to the silence that surrounds you and me.

Can you hear that?

Like a river of sorrow calling your name
With each splash against the flow,
Come bathe, wallow here with me
and I'll wash your sorrow away,
Let me lap at your troubles
And soothe your furrowed brow,
UnCurl your frown
Lay with me sleep with me;
Let your soul drift,
And your sorrows drown...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The river calls...

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