This is about the three who kept finding themselves up a tree. He thought, if we're busy as a bee I can get a degree and live carefree, while continuing to treat people crappy.


But in life's huge sea they couldn't see the forest for the trees and they remained peewee.He couldn't understand why things kept going awry, life kept giving them a black eye.


Although they were very good at being sly, their well had run dry, they were petrified. Then, they started to foresee life wasn't just about the three, so they made a decree and became devotees.


They kissed the old self goodbye, their life they rectified, it became clear skies.


So if you don't want to be the fall guy, getting high on your own supply, while life is keeping you on stand by. Then you must come to agree. Life is the Queen Bee and if you don't want to stay up a tree. You must realize life is much more than the three. I, My...ME!

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interesting writing.

interesting writing.

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Interesting writing

It was very interesting when it came to mind.