The Whims of Rain

The raindrops so swiftly poor with a pace resembling the nature of my inner world, so random and whimsical. Each drop a dream, each tap a memory, each splash an image, and the shine of the enchanting reflection portrayed by the puddles of the sparkling water collecting on the surface reveals an intriguing sense of the intricate and subtle dynamics of this world. The feel of its touch on my skin sparkles to mind the inner callings of redemption as if to wash away the darkness of the past. The realm of its embrace upon the atmosphere of the world provides the planes on which I cast the boundless capacities of my hopes and dreams. The delicacy of its stature falls into the chaotic droplets of unpredictability, representing the infinite possibilities of countless phenomena engrained within the threads of my perception. Its repetition synchronizes and disassembles thoughts sharing the doom of this quality. The fluidity of its nature profoundly encompasses the scope of good and evil, and joins them in this supernal weep of grief and joy. The beginning touches of its generosity offer a spontaneous moment by which the differences of our ideals dissolve, and are overlooked with the universal relief of nature’s cleansing. The serenade of the rhythmic ripples of their clashing to the surface somehow dictates all the tears of sorrow of the past, as if to foretell a misfortune approaching. They narrate the tales of those whose tragedies were swept away under cloaks of fear, and expressions of idleness. They somehow display in their reflection the turmoil of passion burning wildly within the depths of our souls. The sounds of the ripples give rise to a deep awakening of the true depths the mysteries this world keeps hidden behind the rays of sunshine. The waves of its dispersion provide a piercing insight into the ultimate subjectivity of the skepticism of all concepts currently held in conviction. The resonation of the flickering of the inexplicable intuition of its scattered yet harmonious rhythm, surely diffuses one into an instigating realization not with words described, but with ecstasy felt.

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