By JFarrell


I wanna be a hero; don’t we all?


Whether super smooth Humphrey Bogart

Or action-packed Bruce Willis;

Super fit tennis ace Andy Murray

Or Mr Sexy-Voice himself, Barry White;

Courage, success, talent, charisma… and the ladies.


Heroes are important;

They are something to look up to,

To gain inspiration from;

And not just the superficial stuff;

Important stuff too.


“I will work until my illness stops me working,”

I still know little about Steve Jobs,

But.. there is something… different.. something inspirational..

And some people, like Einstein, Martin Luther King

Change the whole world, and everyone in it.


I wanna be a hero;

Most of all, to me;

Just to be someone I can accept, love and be proud of

To be someone I am happy with;

That would make me a hero.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

looking for a hero

Don’t Listen to Them

Don’t Listen to Them

By Jfarrell


Don’t listen to them;

Anyone who tells you “You can’t”;

Don’t listen;

Believe in yourself.


You CAN be anything you wanna be

Do ANYTHING you wanna do

You gotta work at it; you can’t snap your fingers and ‘pow’

But, believe in yourself


Learn, practice - everything IS achievable

By you; because you want to, you choose to;

It’s when you start believing “You can’t” that you’re stuffed

So believe in yourself


There is nothing that can’t be done;

We haven’t found a way to do everything,

Maybe you’ll find the answer and build our first time machine

Or teach the child who will cure cancer

Believe in yourself; I believe in You




Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of belief

Nothing, Like You

Nothing, Like You

By JFarrell


I am not the messiah

I am not a celebrity

Not wealthy, not important; I am

Nothing, like you


I am not particularly intelligent

Nor talented, special or anything other than average

I am a nobody; I am

Nothing, like you


I am a faceless, voiceless, meaningless statistic

A number on a piece of paper

It is cost effective to give me

Nothing, like you


Nothing; empty; space; absent; irrelevant;

Nothing; zero; zilch; sweet F. A.

I am absolutely

Nothing, just like You.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just because i dream i exist, do i have to choose to believe i do? :-)

Knowledge is the Key

Knowledge is the Key

By JFarrell


Knowledge is the key to betterment

Whether knowing how to split the atom

Or to open a tin of beans

Without knowing how to do it

You’ll get nowhere.


What we ALL see can be changed

War, famine, homelessness, injustice

But, knowing how to change it

Is the tricky bit

Everyone and no-one has answers


It is our responsibility, all of us

To LEARN, get an education, gain knowledge

And WE CAN ALL learn

And that also involves

Stopping letting people telling you what to think


Your mind is unique and great, as are you

And this is your world too

Please get involved and start making it better

I am making my dreams, a better world, reality

Come and join in, it’s your world too, take some responsibility




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Guide Me

Guide Me

By Jfarrell


I was lost

Without direction

Without objective

Without destination


I was nowhere

In the land of fools

Being led by the blind

Forever falling


From when I woke

To falling exhausted into bed

I was lost

And going nowhere



With the siren of the Siren

You called to me

And gave me a way


Your sweet voice

Whispers in my ear

Leading me over mountains

Guiding me through the deepest chasms


I am coming

As fast as I can

Call to me, guide me

Give me the wings and I will fly to you


My most wondrous Siren




Author's Notes/Comments: 

guide me

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By JFarrell


Like a film reel

The pictures flow before me

One by one


A majestic bird, an eagle,

Spreads it wings and takes flight;

A steam barge,

Chugging it’s way upriver;

A juggling clown,

Putting on his mask, to hide his tears;

Another man in a mask,

Highwayman, to take your gold at gunpoint;

This one shows the sun breaking,

Over a lovely, sleeping town;

This one shows the sun setting,

Over the smouldering, blackened ruins of a bombed village;

This one shows the beginning of all time,

That one shows the end of all time.


Clouds are beautiful and wondrous,

And such an inspiration,

For the imagination.


Look up,

You might too

See the beginning

And the end

Of everything.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

clouds are beautiful

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By JFarrell



An amazing, beautiful, radiant


Haloed by the very stars themselves,

Fell in love with me,

A waste of space, good for nothing drunk.


And I must go to her,

Half way round the world;

I must hold her tight,

I will cry tears of pure joy.


I will say thank you,

I will ask why, how

And I will pledge my undying love;

She is what drives me,

Her wish is my desire.


No longer,

A good for nothing,

Waste of space,


Thank you, my Valkrie battle queen.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

please feel free to comment,mor not, it's up to you

Out of the dark

Out of the dark

By JFarrell


Out of the dark,

You came

And hit me like a steam train.

And I was totally blown away by your light;

So beautiful, so wondrous

I never expected to see the light again,

Stopped believing it existed.

You are a majestic angel,


With a rainbow for a halo.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

thought i was too old, seems we're vever too old

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by JFarrell



It may be my only redemption

I wish all joy to the World


I fear to be alone forever

I wish happiness to everyone

Every man, woman and child


I fear and feel pain

I wish LOVE

For YOU!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wish you love, dear reader

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