Lost to Sea

light a fire just to watch it burn
Sit across the street with empty hands
Behind a tree unnoticed, so it's not my turn 
I have infinite thoughts, but empty plans

Ending up only to be pretty hollow
Ideas only stay for portion of a second
Echoing through the empty walls. and then comes nothing
Diffusing into the air, to become a forgotten particle
and nothing comes to follow

To set the ominous breeze,
Over the most vibrant sea, that suddenly lost color
and the skies are now gone and dull
They paint the picture to not excite, but simply appease

To be trapped inside this now and empty void
With nothing but everything destroyed
To say that we are fine, and simply avoid
Now we sail, swift onto the large sea of contradictions
Too lost within, that we forget our own convictions
Letting loose the anchor of anxiety, and thus become the restrictions


But this is not the end,
A man aboard throws over his only friend
And a storm rolls in, and then our destination is not known
As realization becomes the new sun, and hearts are turned to stone
A daughter now deserted by her parents is overwhelmed in strife
She whimpers, but can not help wonder what makes up this sickly life
A world where people phase in, and phase out
and thoughts become ideas, and ideas become a shout
and how long does a day go on to stay out and last,
Before awesome expectations become invisible, straight into the past?


Will the ship find it's way to land, or sink in despair?
Great ideas no match for the roaring waves of Negativity and ignorance?
Those striving so long for a real sun, to only be in vain, deprived?
And those hopelessly waiting for relief, to be cruelly concealed, unaware?


The masterpiece of a book now weathered to nothing but scribbles
A great idea now hidden and destroyed by life's cruel riddles
Will the hands be strong at ease to create another inspiration?

Or will it fail to swim over the simplest waves and forget it's own foundation?

A World Of Peace (World - Peace - Gift)(Clerihew)

It would be a great gift
give our souls a gentle lift,
to finally get some
this world can be a horrible beast.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this may be short, but big things, come in small packages.

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A Kiss(A Kiss~Life~Winter)

We've been kissed by Winter
snow covers the ground,
there's a chill in the air
clouds above are all around.

Life of singing birds
flying through the sky,
a soft, gentle breeze blows
and something catches my eye.

You stand beside me
and offer me a kiss,
your touch warms my heart
my soul fills with such bliss.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a different title, but decided to change it to something else. The words in brackets, are challenge words.

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How am I doing? I'm in this world soul searching, redefining my purpose. In search of an inspiration of this life. The heart of my breath has taken its course. I am doing what many don't and many do. I am trying to live this battle of love. For love has its twist and turns but it forever burns into my soul for I have been forsaken. I gave my pure innocence and it was taken and abused and ripped into pieces. I am torn from the echoes of words that hurt so much. I am doing what I think should be done. I am stepping forward but looking back to the selfish people and their demeaning ways for I once lived in their shoes. I walked the path of that dishonest journey. But I am doing ok. For I have cried many nights wondering how I am doing, really. How this question is easily answered with a 'good or ok' but this time I answer in straight forward thoughts and feelings that vibrates my veins for its the only thing I have left. My feelings. My memories. The ones I wish were able to be expressed but cut off the love I thought existed in my spirit. But I will live. I will survive. I may be knocked down. But with the gods I will get up and try harder each time. For the question remains 'How are you doing? ' I am doing much more than I ever done and that in itself is worth saying: I am doing, doing. Thank you for asking!



I didn’t know George Washington Carver he died before I arrived

But I’m certain that this great man’s legacy has survived.


Mr. Carver’s early life was full of woe and strife

But along the way he wrote some words that would forever change my life.


He said how far we go in life...(he had wisdom to impart)

Hinges on the simple the mercy in our hearts.


He came up with four suggestions to which I’ve always clung

The first one he put forward is to be tender with the young.


Be compassionate with the aged, was his second recommendation

It seems to me this tenet needs no elaboration.


Mr. Carver knew that many people have trouble just surviving

So his next thought was a simple sympathetic with the striving. 


Be tolerant of the weak and strong was his final proposition

Oh how I wish the world would work to bring these to fruition.


And what was Mr. Carver’s reason for announcing these decrees

Because he knew someday in life we will be all of these.


We all are young for a short time, at least so I’ve been told

And there’s no doubt from the time we’re young that we are growing old.


How many of us have never been striving or had moments that seemed bleak

We fluctuate between feeling strong, to realizing we are weak.


Yes, everyone needs understanding depending on the day

The young, the striving, the weak the strong and those of us who are gray


I love the meaning of his words...sorry I can’t be more precise

But I wish every person in the world would heed Mr. Carver’s advice.


For I believe how we treat people no matter what circumstances they come from

Tells a lot about the people we are and who we shall become.


So I ask you all to ask yourselves for you’re the only ones who know

Just how far have you come in life...and how far will you go?




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Tim McCravey, U.S.M.C.

I have a great friend and his name is Tim McCravey.

He joined the Marines instead of the Army or Navy.

He bravely fought in the Persian Gulf War.

It's people like him who Americans are thankful for.


During the war, I wrote to him and he sent me twenty bucks.

Anybody who has Tim for a friend, has plenty of luck.

He and I were friends thirty years ago and we're still friends today.

It's very nice to know that he's patriotic to the USA.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Timothy McCravey.

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justin bieber the famous baby singer
is really a winner
girls are his biggest fans
coz he is advance
the way he sings ,the way he dances
everyone needs chances
he is handsome he is smart
he sings from his heart
you can say he is cool
but not a fool
his songs are great 
girls say he is good to date
i like his songs a lot
i have to admit he is really hot !!! 
Author's Notes/Comments: 


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sweet 21 selena

dances like a ballerina


her songs makes us bond

thats why i am very fond 


she , the friend of taylor swift

is a god's special gift


acting is her passion

so she is always in fashion


she has won many awards

which are the biggest rewards


she always look fabulous 

so she is prosperous


her album stars dance

is very advance


her dresses and style are unique

which are never found in a boutique


she makes everyone smile

with a different style


she is hot

i like her a lot !!

                                                      - VANI LAVAKUSH 

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TAYLOR SWIFT   ……………..


Taylor swift is like an angel,

With the glow of a candle.


She sings from her heart,

With a grace of art.


Her songs are unique,

Because she writes in a wonderful technique.


The songs from her album red,

Can give life to a dead.


Every one likes her dresses and songs,

Even if she wears a sarong.


Her signature curls are awesome,

More prettier than a blossom.


Her heart was broken many times,

Her exes did the biggest crime.


She writes about love stories ,

Which are lovelier than candies and cherries .


She and I are tied in a friendly knot ,

I like her a lot…………..


By Vani Lavakush  

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