By JFarrell



An amazing, beautiful, radiant


Haloed by the very stars themselves,

Fell in love with me,

A waste of space, good for nothing drunk.


And I must go to her,

Half way round the world;

I must hold her tight,

I will cry tears of pure joy.


I will say thank you,

I will ask why, how

And I will pledge my undying love;

She is what drives me,

Her wish is my desire.


No longer,

A good for nothing,

Waste of space,


Thank you, my Valkrie battle queen.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

please feel free to comment,mor not, it's up to you

Out of the dark

Out of the dark

By JFarrell


Out of the dark,

You came

And hit me like a steam train.

And I was totally blown away by your light;

So beautiful, so wondrous

I never expected to see the light again,

Stopped believing it existed.

You are a majestic angel,


With a rainbow for a halo.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

thought i was too old, seems we're vever too old

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by JFarrell



It may be my only redemption

I wish all joy to the World


I fear to be alone forever

I wish happiness to everyone

Every man, woman and child


I fear and feel pain

I wish LOVE

For YOU!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wish you love, dear reader

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The Tree

As I walked down the road thinking,

How all hope had abandoned me...

I came up on a pitiful sight~

A bent, lonely and broken tree.

Tears fell from my eyes,

As I reflected on my life...

How much I felt like this tree~

Pitiful, broken and full of strife.

I sat down at the base,

Closed my eyes and begin to pray...

"Dear Lord, why did I give up.

And allow the strings of my heart to fray?"

He  answered with a whisper,

Like a soft and gentle wind...

You turned away from Me, my child~

But I promise this isn't the end."

He then went on to tell me,

To look at the top of the tree...

So I tilted my head skyward~

And saw two lovely green leaves!

Then God said "when you think you're alone

And feeling lonely broken and bent...

Look up to Me for reassuranc~

For My love is Heaven sent.

And like the two leaves,

That you now see...

I will ALWAYS be with you~

Especially when you're a broken and bent tree.

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"This is How You Love"

by Jeph Johnson 

Quit TELLING people

"life is worth living"


SHOW them. 


Not by showing them

YOUR life is worth living,

but by showing them

THEIR life is worth living. 


This is how you LOVE  


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Inspiration from Robin Williams


by Jeph Johnson


"I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone." ~Robin Williams

I am going to go out on a limb here and call bullshit, even though people are going to say "too soon."


First, utilizing this quote for us to help understand why a beloved actor and comedian would take his own life, at this current time, is what is likely too soon.


This quote from Mr. Williams posted for our digestion on the eve of the announcement of his untimely death, implies his wife (and presumably other family members) made him feel "all alone."


No one makes anyone feel alone. Your feelings are your responsibility.

This doesn't take those close to him off the hook, but it also doesn't place the guilt upon them either.


Perhaps his relationships were challenging. But a person's personality traits and choices in partners are not the faults of others.


The quote itself is sad. Very sad. Robin Williams was a man who made millions of people laugh as well as cry. He tugged on our emotions from both ends. On those merits alone he remains one of my idols.


But I do not believe for a moment that the man who took important roles in Patch Adams, Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society would enjoy this quote being his sad epitaph.


"Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death." ~ From Patch Adams


I propose he falsely reckoned his quality of life had waned.


"Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary." ~ from Dead Poets Society

Perhaps he felt it was beyond the point of being extraordinary. As though he no longer could seize the day.


We all know better. We know that he enriched each of our lives in extraordinary ways with his humor and poignant witticisms.


But unless we tell those around us every chance we get, how much they mean to us, those suffering through the ravages of depression and the frustration of addiction will always be susceptible to this syndrome.


The responsibility is twofold.


First people who suffer from depression with suicidal ideation need to learn it is no one's responsibility but their own to "seize the day" by taking control of their emotions.


This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact it is nearly impossible for one suffering from depression to do this.


Unfortunately those around them owe nothing.


Realizing the responsibility for one's emotional well being is personal can either be an inspirational springboard or a devastating anchor depending on how one goes about the realization of it.


And here is where the second responsibility comes in. And it can help everyone out.


"You don't know about real loss because it only occurs when you've loved something more than you love yourself." ~from Good Will Hunting


Everyone, those suffering with depression and those not suffering from depression, needs to tell our loved ones, every chance we get, how much they mean to us. How they enhance our lives and how much they would be missed if they were gone. Even if you don't love them more than you love yourself, you can aspire to that end. A little love and encouragement goes a long way. Especially to ones who are hurting.


Touch others so it is easier for them to feel a part of our humanity. And lo and behold they likely will not feel "alone."


This is the only fuel we can provide that can help depression sufferers enhance their quality of life and seize the day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

August 2014

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Absolute Heaven

Simple Thoughts


again, it's been so long, 

yet the feeling still runs 

deep inside. 


As though not a second 

separated this and the last, 

my heart racing 

my fingers fluttering. 


To spin a tale, 

weave a rhyme, 

picking up a rhythm 

lost to time. 


The reason? 


or unimportant, 



It's been so long, 

it seems, 

but currently at ease 

letting flow out 


what some call the soul, 

others call just words, 

or poetry. 

The goal 


in the end is to spark a flame, 

light up a mind 

with imagery. 



the thousand miles 


just to have another light 

come into my life. 



the slow boil of the machine 

turning over to toil 

and burn and smoke 


and chug along the engine 

of mine, 

the mind 

that writes. 


Taking corners too fast, 

imagery still spinning 

left and right, 

picking up speed 


and becoming a runaway, 

such mass and inertia 

turning energy 

into nothing less than unstoppable. 


To write again, 

to sing, or dance, 

to do what you have done 

because it is who you are, 


it's every fiber of your body, 

every sliver of your soul... 

is intoxicating, 



It's heaven, 

absolute heaven. 


When you're below the beloved Ocean 

of Life, 

it's waves and currents 

holding you underneath. 


That moment you see the surface, 

the ballet above 

of the light dancing 

and beckoning you up for air. 


That moment you swim up, 

the sun becoming brighter as you draw closer, 

the cold water becoming clear,

you're so near, 


the warmth of the top 

felt through, 

but you're not quite there yet. 



Swim harder, 

reach for the surface, 

because that exact moment 

you burst through, 


inhaling that open, 

sweet, succulent air 

of inspiration... 

filling lungs, body, 


mind and soul... 

it is 

absolute heaven; 

to be inspired again. Gorgeous."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is great to write again. To be taken serious again.

Clouds Got In The Way

Yesterday I tried to watch a sunset...but clouds got in the way
And before I knew it I found myself in a painting by Monet.

In an instant I was enveloped...the clouds and I were one
And from inside the comfort of my cloud...I forgot about the sun.


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A Poet Afloat

Simple Thoughts

"Find out

exactly what it is about,

what words flirt around;

being inspired. 




a piece of art,

hardrock rhymes


that tell what has transpired,

what had rambled on by.

Hard times,

or that feel-good story


that is too cliche for news


no love to be found.

Between then and now,


after everything that has happened,

still trying to climb a side of a mountain.

Reach up above and find purchase,

pull yourself onto the ledge,


overcome that edge.


overcoming what supposed story

has made times get harder.



denotes what is to be,

or what can be deemed

a possibility. 


So is it inspirational,

it being anything, 

just because it had been done

by one who downplays the feat?



it feels good instead,

the rushing feeling

of creating, being


involved in something more than me,

kittens and puppies,

dogs too,

more than you,


inspired to make a difference

because I had made made one 

to your day, 

or so you say.


As long as what is being inspired

doesn't bring the end

of art,

of love and life,


I'll do it every day,

I'll inspire,


that's the point.


I think.


Nothing in this world compares,

being lost at sea;

tidal waves won't let me be.


So poetry,

a release to me,

inpires others?

I can live with that,


be it the truth."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Having written poetry for a little more than a year now I see a lot of comments about how much people can relate to my work, mostly due to how some can read it and feel a sense of vulnerability, or truth. I never try to write a piece to just one person but time and again more people feel that some of my work is almost made out to just them. 


I'm okay with that, since I get that comment more than once. Ego on high, I suppose.