Same Old Story

Empty promises and weightless words.

Spoken without meaning, just two more steps backwards.
Clinging to everything you say, trying to understand,
If what you're giving me, is a helping hand.
I gave you my heart to hold,
And you have it back, broken and cold.
Walking through the dark, cold and alone,
Reminiscing on all that I have ever known.
The sadness, the heartbreak,
Id give anything to stop this heartache.
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Don't Call Me Beautiful

Dont Call me Yours...Dont Call me Crazy You Havent Been Around to Know For Sure

Waiting for an excuse to tell me why you never Came I Missed You so Bad I went Insane....dont call me Beautiful Dont Call me Sweet You Havent Even been Around to say dont be so sorry if you and I Know You never were in the first place.. Dont Tell Me You Care Because Obviously you didnt Dont call me Beautiful because inside is rotten...because while i waited our loved expired and this ugliness Expanded.. Ive Never Been So Hurt And Abandoned.... Dont Call me nice...Im Cruel now...The Old Me Is Dead and You were the one Who Dug the Knife In....Dont call me Beautiful....I Agree with William Control..im A Beautiful LOSER And Death will take Its Toll so as the hour glass Drops its last few grains of sand...I Weep because I Once Had The Heart To Let You In... Dont Call Me.... Dont Tell me Im Beautiful.... Dont Tell Me you Miss Me...Because by the look on your face....Im Just Ugly... so please dont Sympathize me... -Sincerely,Your Dead Horror Queen


For Ryan

i’d give anything

to talk to you the same way

we did two years ago

without the blink of an eye

at 1 am

waiting for our call

to be over


i’d give anything

to hold your hand

and slow dance the same way

we did two years ago

without a care in the world

at 9pm.

waiting for the song

to be over


i’d give anything

to look at you the same way

i did two years ago

with all my hopes in sight

at every second

instead of

waiting for our love

to be over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's late at night and I have a lot of feelings.


You can't move

You lay in bed, motionless and heavy

Concious mind, unconcious body

Only your mind is breathing

Your lungs are black and broken

and your heart is beaten and battered.

You feel it coming, don't be scared.

You feel the cold, fill up the hollows of your bones.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling cold spiritually, as opposed to the actual physical sensation. It feels horrible.

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she talks about passwords
she loves to discuss dog turds
how she gets all perturbed
with how she used words
honestly she could care less
her close relationships are a mess
lies with no distress

claims to be a healer
master bullshit dealer
sits high upon her pillar
sold her dad for a dollar
on her mom puts a collar
the truth is never hollered
she knows she is a coward

hurting men is her game
she knows who to blame
to her it's all the same
could be next on her list
or a just a finger on her fist
words and mind she will twist
happiness will be missed

"I'll take that and that too."
like it's all that she can do
I am the latest prisoner
so I better listen to her
do what I am told
or I will be scold
but I am too old
how much longer can I hold?

she chases down
and finds the clown
and makes him frown
her mind is broken
a crack token
don't buy what she's smokin
she's knows and is lookin
for her next victim
to blame
for the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just musing off of another poet in here... Should I write more?

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Scraps of my Heart

Love Poems

A picture here, a memory there
and I can't find you anywhere...
You left my life without a care
and you left me unaware

Of why you left me far behind
suddenly with not a warning
parting words less than kind
leaving me forever yearning

Scraps of my heart lay beneath
sweet words once spoken to me
lost now on this barren heath
where your love once used to be

I hear your voice over and over
and try not to let in the pain
I hope for a four leaf clover
to wish you back to me again

I see your eyes again so warm
full of so much promise then
passion there, a raging storm
forever now remembering when

Scraps of my heart lay beneath
sweet words once spoken to me
lost now on this barren heath
where your love once used to be

Wondering where it all went wrong
What it was that made you go
breaking the melody of love's song
feeling I will never ever know

I never thought saying I love you
would ever bring me so much pain
but you never gave me any clue
they would cause such a strain

Scraps of my heart lay beneath
sweet words once spoken to me
lost now on this barren heath
where your love once used to be

Yes it lays in tatters beneath
sweet words once spoken to me
lost forever on this barren heath
where I thought love could be

But now I see...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

originally inspired and written on:

Saturday, October 30, 2004, 3:53:34 AM

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The Very Last Goodbye

Love Poems

no one was left to bar the way
so I said my last goodbye today
to every tear I've ever cried
and every heart that ever lied

though many words remain unspoken
and my heart has been often broken
the time has come to finally say
that last goodbye today

It is my very last goodbye
no more tears can I cry
as I left you there alone
moving into the unknown

I cannot take a chance anymore
this old heart is far too sore
So it is best I be on my way
lest I change my mind and stay

I give in to one last heartbreak
looking at you standing in my wake
remembering all that had gone before
and what will be again nevermore

It is my very last goodbye
no more tears can I cry
as I left you there alone
moving into the unknown

I see your eyes, I feel your pain
but I cannot risk to love again
So I close the door in the way
as I say my last goodbye today

With nothing left I could say
I watch the coming of the day
I realize love is just another word
without meaning yet often heard

*chorus to fade out

It is my very last goodbye
no more tears can I cry
as I left you there alone
moving into the unknown

It is my very last goodbye
no more tears can I cry
as I left you there alone
moving into the unknown

*in a whisper


2:54 AM 5/21/2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An oldie but I think a goodie.

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Lost love

Your love made me feel alive
...in the beginning
You were the love of my life
...at the time
You changed, I changed, we got lost
We faded away
And at what cost?
I lost my heart, my friend
You couldnt find a way to mend
We were too far gone
You said there wasnt anything left to act on
How can you sleep at night?
Knowing that you didnt even put up a fight
Every day, every night, every second, every hour
I cant get you off my mind
I fucking hate that you have that power
I fucking hate you now
I didnt even think I knew how
Your love was something that use to build me up
Now im like a floating soul trying to find myself
Swimming in my own thoughts
I can drown..
How do i pick up the pieces when there is nothing left?
When you left you stole my heart
I want it back..I want it all
Without it Im going to fall
Into a place of darkness with no feeling
To a place impossible of finding healing
If i knew what to do i'd learn how to erase you..

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The Sleepless Nights- Betrayed Love

It is a lie. All a lie. The darkest hour always comes in the night. Always. The hours of uncertainty, of fear, of crushed hope, of tear. The hours of hardship and sadness, the hours of lost love and madness. The hours no man dares to wake, those hours, these are the hours in which I spake. The man who dwells in these hours has but negativity in his mind, no peace can he find. He shifts to in fro, tosses and turns shakes the covers and is restless below. He cannot see, he cannot speak, he cannot think, he cannot sleep. He is lost within himself. Within himself he is filled with what he fears the most. He is filled with fear itself. Fear of the unknown, fear of lost opportunity, fear of lost love. He knows not but how to fear in the night, he knows not but of his heart filled; jealousy, anger, scorn, and hopes unfulfilled. He hasn't a moment throughout the day, not until that is he lay at night. He may pray with all his might, attempt to scribble his thoughts by the dimming bedside light. But this brings him nothing, no hope, to tranquility, no delight. His heart yearns for that unseen, that small little glimpse of he on who his heart is keen. It is she who keeps in this state of unrest, she who placed on his heart duress. He just wishes to hold her so, but she doesn't longer love him; No.

No, no, no, no! What a vile word is that of no! One without cause, one without reason, a no for no's sake, a no for nothing for him to know! Just a No because a No is a No. No! He willn't accept that No as an end, he willn't see it, his resolve will not bend. For she will not be sharing these hours, not near, not far, not in his arms or in her heart. It is but the lowly who cannot grasp sleep. He is who is to suffer the enduring pain of No's harvest to reap.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one after another long night, a few weeks ago, around 4am.

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