How Lucky Men Are!

"How lucky men are!"

An utterance that from a girl's mind is not far!

The girl who wishes she was a man!!

But to have this wish, there is no plan!!

This "poor" girls claims...

That she is oppressed by people with no brains..

That her house she cannot leave..

Unless a "Yes" is given to this "naive"…

And she returns home after a strict time…

Or she will get a "Speech" that will ruin her prime..

Because she arrived 10 minutes late, which doesn't worth a dime!!

And when the spouse comes, she thinks it's the end of the past!!

She is happy and expects good that will last!!

A prince of love and passion!!

Who will give her freedom of life and fashion!!

BUT unfortunately, she discovers the HELL of the new rule…

The rule of the Man!! The oppressor of the fool!!!

The man who uses his manhood as a an evil tool!!

And men keep on hearing her complains…

That she carries a child, and him she blames…

Nine months of pain and torture…

Tired, and a body that feels like it was cut by a butcher!!

But no one cares that moody she becomes..

Every month she suffers from moody drums!!

But when pregnant she is made…

The mood swings do not fade!!!

When nine months are gone…

And the child arrives like a don!!

The new mom welcomes him, after in a dress she couldn't fit!!

But does she welcome him with a red carpet?!?!?!

Noooo, but does so by the loudest scream!!

That came from pain and a horrific dream!!

The girl is from the man jealous..

Who hangs out with no guard like Dennis the Menace..

And his wish is her command in marriage…

Who only "Helps" to have a child, enough said, you know the image!!

And after this…

No moodiness or numbness…

Nine months, and in his life there is no pain…

Healthy, relaxed and just thinks of the name!!

He looks at his wife…

Suffering that she hates her life…

In the waiting room, drinking coffee with a smoke..

Waiting for the child who wants life to poke!!

The mom suffers, and in the end…..

The child is named son of HIM…an unfair trend!!!!!

I say to this girl…

Respects to you, you priceless pearl!

Poetry about you should be told….

And ungrateful men to you should hold!!

The man with a girl happiness gains…

Because he is the Sultan without chains…

She works, and he takes while she is in flames!!!


Do you think that men are always relaxed?!

Do you think life we control and the happiness fairy we faxed!?

The man has feelings and hardships, paying life's fees!!

And he has burdens that begin as seeds…

Then end up being trees!!

So have a second thought, I beg you, please!!

At the age of thirteen, he is finally a man…

He builds for himself a future and a plan..

He struggles and struggles to have a name …

And to choose a wife, the natural aim…

From troubles he tries to get away…

But temptations surround him everyday..

Every Tom, Dick and Harry he meets…

And experiences life that him it beats…

He struggles to gain knowledge…

Fighting boring books with courage!!

He ends up getting a degree…

He gets a job, since nothing is free!!

But in the end….He curses his job…

And hates his boss, boring Bob!!

And when it's time to marry….

He hears the demands from his girl's family……

He starts going bananas and crazy……..!

The dowry, the ring, the jewels and the dress…

The wedding, the food and possibly the press!!!

Then there they are, the long bills…

Climbing on happiness, Climbing panic hills!!

And when the young kid arrives, O girl be sure…

This guy is broke, have sympathy on the poor!!!

A man can be hurt, this is a fact….

He hears painful words from this and that….

But his manhood says that "men don’t cry"…

A girl cries, but for a reason that may not cause one to die…

But if a man sheds his tears…

You should know that he is facing fears…

That with misery he is fed up…

Because he drank from life's bitter cup!!

"How lucky men are!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Proud of this!

If i was your girl

If i was your girl,
Would you promise to treat me right?
Nurture my needs,
Hold me through the cold night?
Cause if i was your girl,
I would always be true,
And whenever you were stuck,
I would always help you through.
If i was your girl,
Would you treat me like your queen?
Do the things i wanna do,
Even if you arent that keen?
Cause if i was your girl,
Id give you everything i could,
Always listening to your words,
Making sure your understood.
If i was your girl,
Would you wake me with a kiss?
Would we struggle to get out of bed together
And consider giving work a miss?
Cause if i was your girl,
We would always speak our crazy minds,
Listen to our favourite songs,
Rap to our favourite rhymes.
If i was your girl,
Would you save me of my pain,
I just want someone to call mine,
Someone to dance with in the summer rain.

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love poem for the future

In life my hope is to find someone to share
My everything with, and to whom I will love to Which no one could compare
Someone to hold when the shadows cast over us all
Encasing me any Which way I see, painting all the walls
Someone to be the star in my sky
My light from above, warming my soul Someone that I
Could share my secrets, life, love, and time with
We could live forever making every second timeless
Somebody that sees me as I'd see in the mirror
Except they see through my flesh and bone, thus seeing me clearer
Down to every wrinkle, spread across my brain
Seeing me through my stubbornness and all my pain
Someone who could understand me fully
Someone to love me unconditionally
Someone who's feelings mirror my own
Warm, caring, someone who feels like home
Someone who craves what I see in them
Someone who after it all, I would do it all over again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

why cant i find someone like this

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The first time I kissed a girl
I was ten feet off the ground
Stars swarming around my head
Like fireflies all around
Like little lights in the grass
The magic in the air
How I often after that I wished
That I could go back there


The next time I kissed a girl
Was marred by circumstance
I loved her; she wasn’t sure
She said I never had a chance
But I still hope to this day
To melt her heart of ice
I’ve never met someone who I care for more
And so I sacrifice


But the next time I kiss a girl
Will actually mean something
It will be my truest sign
Of all that I’m giving
That I will be there for her
That she will be my world
And nothing on this earth can stop me
From having her to hold

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes world and hold don't rhyme..... but I liked how it ended so I left it there. This poem does not mean that my first two "relationships" didn't mean anything, but will mean nothing next to my last one. Anyway, a fun write that took about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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There Is A Girl

There is a girl with cuts on her wrist,
with dying at the top of her list.
She closes her eyes and counts to ten,
she's ready to try this all again.
She grips the blade a little tighter,
tried so hard to be a fighter.
The world she knows starts to fade away,
she's happy she doesn't have to stay.
Slowly everything fades to black,
a smile on her face because she knows she's not coming back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comment with any constructive criticism or ideas for other poems :)
This poem is dedicated to my best friend/sister who tried to kill herself twice yet is still here. Love you forever and after! <3

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Never Thought

June 26, 2010
By Taylor Springs

Never thought I’d see in you
What you’ve always seen in me
Never thought I’d call you Boo
Never thought I’d let you call me Baby

Never thought you’d mean this much
When you’re near, I start to blush
Thoughts and words, blend together
Couldn’t picture this, never, ever, ever

My knees get weak, when I talk to you
My heart skips a beat, when you say “I love you, too.”
I get a little shiver, when I’m thinking about you
This isn’t stuff, I usually do

Never thought we’d be together
But I’m so happy that it’s true
Yes, I know, nothing is forever
But right now, I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my very few happy poems.

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I’m Not A Daddy’s Girl

June 20, 2010
By Taylor Springs

you refused to hold me
or even take my hand
wipe away a tear
why couldn't you do that?
Momma says you left
when I was two or three
I don't remember you
do you, remember me?
I'm really growing now
and doing pretty good
I still don't understand you
and I don't, wish I could
Some kids, say they love him
and they call him Dad
how am I supposed to love,
what I never had?
other kids
have memories
with their dear, old dad
how am I supposed to know,
without even a photograph?
Special day
to let you know
what you mean to me
you don't mean a lot
needless to say
you gave up
and left behind
what could have been
your life
I wish you had chosen
another life
another route
another way
think about
who you could be today
you could have a family
full of laughter and love
but most importantly
you could have me
and I, could have a daddy
but you didn't
and I don't
wish I could say hello
Hi, Dad
but it's kind of hard
when you don't
pick up the phone
do you know it's me?
Is that why, you let it ring?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem on Fathers Day 2010, at age 13. I read this poem as well as a speech in front of 1,200 on March 16, 2011. Enjoy!

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Ondine: A Tale of the Sea

Narrative Poems

Deep oceans dwelt in her soft cadenced
breathing, and the song of the seagull
strained in her hair, and her eyes had the hues
of the sunset as they sank in the distance
in hazel-brown skies.

She came unexpected, entangled in weeds,
caught in the net of a sad-eyed fisherman,
and her song had the call of the ocean,
and the call of the wave, and was heard

by all creatures that live in the deep:
the fisherman's nets now are crowded galore!
Bass, salmon, and lobster, bewitched by the song
of the girl who came from the sea!

They made love in his cabin, off the west coast
of Ire, the girl from the ocean and the sad-eyed
fisherman. And her sighs were like magic,
like the surf on the beach, and her moans were
like breakers that broke on the cliffs of his heart.

He was caught in the foam of her spell-binding
songs, caught in the strands of her sand-colored
hair, caught in the breeze of her lips, and the fish

in her mouth, as they loved in his cabin off the west
coast of Ire, and the tide of the ocean, and the wind
of the sea, and the sighs of the girl stole right
into his heart.

Now the cabin lies empty, struck by the wind,
and the waves of the ocean, and the tides
of the sea, and a song that bewitches

can be heard in the distance, in hazel-brown
skies, which glow like the eyes of the girl
who came from the sea.

(c) Copyright Jim Valero, 2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written in ballad style. It employs cadence, rather than strict meter, to create evocative rhythms. As you read it aloud, you will notice the cadences and the textures built by sound effects like assonance, alliteration, and so on. Repetition works to create a longing, melancholy feeling in this ballad about a mysterious love by the shores of lovely Ireland.

My Dove

I wanted a night, you needed forever.
I thought you understood, but you weren't that clever.
I said goodbye, you couldn't endure.
Now you are cut open, bleeding on the bathroom floor.
Never did I think I could hurt you so.
You were supposed to be my fix, a dime, my blow.
But you ruined it, wanting it to be more.
I am not the girl you've been waiting for.
I am nothing and you had it all.
Threw it all away because you decide to fall.
But why me, I was never the girl for you.
And now you're days cut short, to few.
And the heart you had so big, so full of love.
I killed you, now you are just another white dove.

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