childhood first love

Here We Are, There We Are

We go back to the childhood
While talking between you & me,
We go back to the golden days
While sharing our feelings together,
We want to get back to the happy moments
While missing each other,

Always here we are,
Always there we are.
Right there, where had our childhood
And right here, where had our love grown.
Though we are so far away from the times,
And now you and I are so far away from each other.

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Never Thought

June 26, 2010
By Taylor Springs

Never thought I’d see in you
What you’ve always seen in me
Never thought I’d call you Boo
Never thought I’d let you call me Baby

Never thought you’d mean this much
When you’re near, I start to blush
Thoughts and words, blend together
Couldn’t picture this, never, ever, ever

My knees get weak, when I talk to you
My heart skips a beat, when you say “I love you, too.”
I get a little shiver, when I’m thinking about you
This isn’t stuff, I usually do

Never thought we’d be together
But I’m so happy that it’s true
Yes, I know, nothing is forever
But right now, I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my very few happy poems.

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to my earth ,,,

Don't like to admit this but you always made me feel special
You made me feel safe
Always there for me
Never let anyone mess with me..that was your job
A job that i let you keep for awhile
Loving you was easy just like breathing

What happen to us

Now hating you just comes naturally

Never imagined hating the man that as a boy
Gave me all my firsts.
Never imagined you hating me so much that you can't even be polite.

What happen to the promises of forever even after that awful fucken day?
What happen to us? When did we become resentful and bitter towards eachother?

At times i wish i could miss you.
At times i wish i could stand you being near me.
At times i wish i could just talk to you.

But nothing ever comes ... i just cant stand the idea of the what ifs .... and the what could have beens...
Too young to understand we made mistakes
Too young to understand we had to deal with things that where to over our heads
Feelings were hurt, some bonds were broken, lies were spread, and regret just took over...resentment settled and today is our conclusion...

I wish i could say i miss us.
I wish i could say i still love you.

I wish i could say things were different....
But we both had to grow up sometime.

You taught me how to love and be patient.
You made me smile when no one else could.
You showed me how to make something out of nothing.
You made me see the beauty of life.
You made me look from every angle before judging.
You once told me that it doesnt matter what you do aslong as your happy...

Im sorry for all the hurt i ever caused you.
You once were my everything just like i know i was yours.

Too much history to just let go,
too much hurt to still hold on.

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