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Filipino poems

Kamakailan lang

idinuyan tayo ng aking kama.



ang marahas na pagbalya nito
sa dingding;


ang pag-haharlem shake
ng lampara sa ating tabi;


ang pagkakanya-kanya
ng mga
unan at kumot,
na nagpadulas,
tila natakot masaktan


Sa pagtigil ng pagyanig

saglit tayong tumitig
sa kisame
habang ipinaghehele
ng mga pusong


Nagsumiksik ang liwanag
sa aking mga mata
ilang oras makalipas
ang trahedya


naroon pa
ang mga bakas ng pagyanig
ngunit di matunton
ang sanhi.

Hes the one.....

Hes the one that once saw me cry 

Hes the one that turned out to be the biggest lie 

Hes the one that stole my heart the one i dont wanna be a seond apart 

Hes the one that lost my trust the one i just love because 

Hes the one that did these things but

Hes the only person that loves me for me 

'Comma' Loves 'Full Stop'!

My name is ‘Comma’,

In love with ‘Full stop’,

Whose fragrant aroma,

Ignites my buried hope.


I even cajole the ‘words’ on a daily basis,

To help me earn ‘Full stop’, my darling,

But, they rather act like Juliet’s relatives,

Alas! I wish I were an archaic King!


Like the rail lines’ vain struggle to be united,  

We are so close evermore, yet so isolated!

Captain of my heart

Captain of my heart

Only once in a lifetime you meet your true soulmate

In my heart I knew, this had to be fate
Building on a love so wild and strong
I believed nothing, but nothing could go wrong
Then one day just out of the blue
Life threw me a curveball, it just couldn't be true
My heart ripped to pieces, scattered all over the place
never thought this could happen, would have preferred it face to face
"I'm sorry my love", he wrote to me
"This relationship will not work, it is at sea I want to be
You know I'm a Captain, a Master on the sea
Salt water running in my veins, I need to be free

In my life there is no time for a love like we had
We will never see each other, I cannot bare to see you sad
My work is my enemy, a destroyer of love
Please try to understand all of the above

To lead a normal happy life, I am letting you go
Please take care and know I do love you so"
I thought our love could stand against the tide
But the destroyer came like a thief in the night
The love in my heart will always burn strong, maybe one day...until then
When fate deal us the right hand, we will meet up again
Although at that moment my life fell apart
Just remember my name, and know you will always be the Captain of my heart.
Written by : Cindy-lue Els

Your heart Is black

My heart screams with sadness

It breaks with every little beat

That it makes supressed by the happiness to keep me alive



It slows my pain down as i try to be happy 

Life for me has been nothing but a day to day battle 

That i fight for my life 


I open my eyes and try to breath even though

i want my heart to stop dead in its tracks

as i lay here alone i try to wonder why shall i feel

so sad so dead i came to this conclusion


Your heart is lacking of love you dont care about me

its dark and cold your love has no

love at all just pure emptyness


i feel the pain that suffocates your heart

the chains that  bind every inch of it

your sould is so dark and cold

your latest victum will be a pure heart


that is longing for that love

you pretend to be the answer

but later they realize there just lost

in your twind of what they think is a love


It's way to late to save there heart

there in to deep they finally realize at the last minute

 they realize that your heart is black 

a deep dark place to run from your sucked in to deep 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for anyone who has gotten in to a bad realationship that it is a warning to get while you can and save your heart before it is damaged so be careful who u fall for cause the next guy or girl could be his or her next victum 

How Lucky Men Are!

"How lucky men are!"

An utterance that from a girl's mind is not far!

The girl who wishes she was a man!!

But to have this wish, there is no plan!!

This "poor" girls claims...

That she is oppressed by people with no brains..

That her house she cannot leave..

Unless a "Yes" is given to this "naive"…

And she returns home after a strict time…

Or she will get a "Speech" that will ruin her prime..

Because she arrived 10 minutes late, which doesn't worth a dime!!

And when the spouse comes, she thinks it's the end of the past!!

She is happy and expects good that will last!!

A prince of love and passion!!

Who will give her freedom of life and fashion!!

BUT unfortunately, she discovers the HELL of the new rule…

The rule of the Man!! The oppressor of the fool!!!

The man who uses his manhood as a an evil tool!!

And men keep on hearing her complains…

That she carries a child, and him she blames…

Nine months of pain and torture…

Tired, and a body that feels like it was cut by a butcher!!

But no one cares that moody she becomes..

Every month she suffers from moody drums!!

But when pregnant she is made…

The mood swings do not fade!!!

When nine months are gone…

And the child arrives like a don!!

The new mom welcomes him, after in a dress she couldn't fit!!

But does she welcome him with a red carpet?!?!?!

Noooo, but does so by the loudest scream!!

That came from pain and a horrific dream!!

The girl is from the man jealous..

Who hangs out with no guard like Dennis the Menace..

And his wish is her command in marriage…

Who only "Helps" to have a child, enough said, you know the image!!

And after this…

No moodiness or numbness…

Nine months, and in his life there is no pain…

Healthy, relaxed and just thinks of the name!!

He looks at his wife…

Suffering that she hates her life…

In the waiting room, drinking coffee with a smoke..

Waiting for the child who wants life to poke!!

The mom suffers, and in the end…..

The child is named son of HIM…an unfair trend!!!!!

I say to this girl…

Respects to you, you priceless pearl!

Poetry about you should be told….

And ungrateful men to you should hold!!

The man with a girl happiness gains…

Because he is the Sultan without chains…

She works, and he takes while she is in flames!!!


Do you think that men are always relaxed?!

Do you think life we control and the happiness fairy we faxed!?

The man has feelings and hardships, paying life's fees!!

And he has burdens that begin as seeds…

Then end up being trees!!

So have a second thought, I beg you, please!!

At the age of thirteen, he is finally a man…

He builds for himself a future and a plan..

He struggles and struggles to have a name …

And to choose a wife, the natural aim…

From troubles he tries to get away…

But temptations surround him everyday..

Every Tom, Dick and Harry he meets…

And experiences life that him it beats…

He struggles to gain knowledge…

Fighting boring books with courage!!

He ends up getting a degree…

He gets a job, since nothing is free!!

But in the end….He curses his job…

And hates his boss, boring Bob!!

And when it's time to marry….

He hears the demands from his girl's family……

He starts going bananas and crazy……..!

The dowry, the ring, the jewels and the dress…

The wedding, the food and possibly the press!!!

Then there they are, the long bills…

Climbing on happiness, Climbing panic hills!!

And when the young kid arrives, O girl be sure…

This guy is broke, have sympathy on the poor!!!

A man can be hurt, this is a fact….

He hears painful words from this and that….

But his manhood says that "men don’t cry"…

A girl cries, but for a reason that may not cause one to die…

But if a man sheds his tears…

You should know that he is facing fears…

That with misery he is fed up…

Because he drank from life's bitter cup!!

"How lucky men are!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Proud of this!

The confidence i gained from the pain

Angad Singh
I was useless in the sight of some & a mere toy for others
Till the day i broke free from the mindset of being a loser
In the vast sea of people, ready to step on you
In the world where you are seen only on the bases of your value
I found myself admist the failures residue ...
To a point where i was broke ..
Again got up, pulled my self back on an incidents provoke....

Eyes weak, tears streaming down my cheek..
Hot blood rushed all through my body as i looked upon the earth
The very same piece of earth where my love stood ..
My heart broke into a thousand fragments, i reaching out for every segment i could...
She argued ...
Nothing i said reached her all because of her attitude...
Every word she spoke
Hit me hard and gradually i broke...
I got up, reached for every atom of confidence i could
The pain i withstood
She went away and so did i from the bondage of her affection ...

My lonliness

My eyes flickerd ,got a blured vision ,woke up and found my self enveloped in sweat...
Then suddenly like a huge bolder on my chest ,i remembered last nights dream, which i wish i forget ..
I was with my childhood friend ..she was talking to me in a found fashion ..
Quit a rare or neverhappening phenomenon in contemporary times ,i was overwhelmed and impassioned ...
She held my hand tight,and we walked through all my loneliness and angers
It was the only time in my life someone cared the rest had their gap & mentained their own standards..
Then the dream broke and left me brokenhearted..
Why god, you dissolve my mornings to dark nights left me to be discarted ...
In my sorrow i ask ..
Why no girl talks..? ,knowing me still they carelessly walk past ...
But after a lot of pain which i have gone through..
I decided to fire every hope of a companion to talk ..the dreams i withdrew ...
Now i a have a heart made of stone , a deep and lifeless tone and to a careless freak i have grown ....