Coffee Shop from Behind a Book



I stole a glance from behind my book


as she entered through coffee shop doors


I retreated back to my words and read


in between the lines


as she returned with a look of curiosity -


and I thought to myself...


how I would never forget those eyes.



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"Orphanne' "

My Work

“A crippled; crawling, curious girl,
stumbled into light.
Her fractured, hopeless, dreary world,
is given second sight.
Her heart hardened and doubled;
broken now, into.
Her manic thoughts so troubled,
daily now, renewed.
As memories mirror an attack,
by tragic childish fears;
the smile you see is now unmatched,
caressed by happy tears.
The enemy of stolen time,
now it’s become best friend.
The youth she had to leave behind,
has been restored again.
Her faith though kept still; shaken,
grew higher than the storm.
The nights that had been taken,
now feel so safe and warm.
A life of bitter ashes;
replaced by dreams of dare,
the sorrow of the past has,
vanished into air.
From believing no one loved her,
to convinced that Some One does.
From accepting she must suffer,
to receiving special love.
From cringing in a cold cage,
to soaring high and free.
From leading lady, on a stage,
to praising out of key.
The mask hiding the glow,
has fallen to the ground.
Revelation knowledge flows,
peace can make a sound.
This change came slowly,
and remains a mystery.
He forever Holy,
searching for..just…me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The transformation of a heart.

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The Fisherman and Her Bones

Last night
I wished you were a mermaid.
I wished my arms were oceans
you would swim in.

I would spend my days
on boats named after you,
throwing hooks shaped after you in the water
while the sun
hangs over head
yawning like a weary traveler,
prayinghopingwishing you would bite
so I could take you home with me.

At night
I'll watch the sky spark,
struggling to keep up with you
while I fight off the fishermen
that want you for themselves.

I'll scatter parts of me
across anything resembling water
so you can find me wherever you go
and wherever you go
I hope your heart beats loud enough
for me to hear
across continents.

I'll fill a tub with the sea
and things to make you feel at home
even though
they won't be good enough.

When I say your name out loud
I'll wish that I could breathe under water
because I know that someday
when our bones no longer
fit into each other

I'll have to throw you back.

© 2011 Patrick Szajner

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Under Sheets

We stepped into familiar air.
The smell of sex
and bad decisions hanging
heavy like the curtains on the window
we broke in through.

I held my breath,
admiring your musculature,
watching other mouths speak Love
in a way that made simply saying it

reading out loud while
passing a bottle between us;
every sip a step closer to lust
just dance with me, lover.

We took everything off,
stood bare like trees
after the fruit’s been picked
seeds sinking back into the earth,

whispers stinging
like a windchill,
winter smothering the night,
nerve endings burning
like the tips of cigarettes
smoked between muscle spasms.

You shook like San Francisco
the day I made a river out of you,

your tongue trailing off
to other continents
the constellations
spelling out our names,

crashing into each other
like waves, arms out and open
waiting for the other
to stay.

We held on for as long as we could,

eyelids turning into anvils,
bodies on the cusp of meaning,
bones making music with the moon

a song
cursing the morning
for coming too soon.

©2011 Patrick Szajner

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under the sun blog

we meet , short and cute
smile all happy ,young but straight
tells me what she cares
and what makes her happy.

shes like an angel full of
glow an essence of gold
she`s happy and keen
even when i tease her and mean

her soul travels over
under or thru
man i am lucky to have a chance to meet her

me all tall jokey
being all tag and pokey
dont understand at the time
feel kinda .....

i`m shocked that she said ok
to see me again maybe now i
should show her a man
i layed it down hard when i should of tryed soft
no regrets just lessons

start mtv and get with today
so next time the game
will not be the same
what do you prefer
lighted it up .
watch the sun and talk was great
over all i had fun
so did she

maybe next time i wont be so
old fashion and maybe kat will be there
wow i can say she is fantastic

Author's Notes/Comments: 

anna i had fun

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I stop and hear a faint cry for help.
I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
It gets louder.
I stop to find the direction it comes from.
I run again, feet thumpin the sidewalk.
Louder and louder it gets.
Im gettin closer.
I can hear it.
Its right around the corner.
I stop I look.
All I see is a girl cryin.
I go to her.
She starts to run away.
I run after her.
She keeps gettin further and further away.
I stop to take a breath.
I look up.
Shes gone.
I start to wonder.
Was there a girl or was I chasin a dream?
A dream of a girl.
A girl I thought I could comfort.
Stop her from cryin.
Now she is gone.
So I start to run.
My feet hit the ground.
Nothin is in front of me.
Im chasin a dream.
Nothing can defy me.
Im chasing a dream.
Of a girl I thought was there.
I lost her.
From the moment I saw her.
She hit the ground.

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