Friends we may be with many, and
too many you and I are considered
friends, only a selected few become
our best friends, brotherly and
sisterly like...some friends you grow
with since the first grade, I cannot
say the same. Other friends you meet
along this road called life, certain
interest connect, and the magic
unfolds; a best friend is found.
The hardest friendships are those you
have connected for years, suddenly
end bittersweet. Great friendships are
formed from respect given and shown
to each other. Without respect there is
no true friendship. I have many friends,
my coworkers are my friends, not all of
them...a selected few, that's most of
them, my corner store liquor owner Hajid
is my friend; every time I go in the store
I say, "Haj, hou u doi my friend?" ,
he responds, "Its aw tu da gud my friend."
the point is everybody can be your friend,
but only the special ones take the heart
and honor to be best friends.
Certain friends can become the death of
us, our truest and realist enemies, without
giving a clue as to when they will turn or
show their true colors. Backstabbing friends
are the ones you pour your heart out for
and give your time too without a question
asked; they return the favor with a
(knife in the back).
Then there is the shadiest of them all…
the two-faced friends whom act one way
with you, all smiles and cheers- then with
others curse your name. My friendship is an
honor to uphold as I value each and every
person I consider a true friend up high,
to these friends;
“you are the diamonds in the rough.”
However; disrespect me, and you will sense
and feel my cold heart freezing your memories
and permanently deleting them from existence.
“Friends come and go, only the true friends
grow old with you!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you know your true friends?!

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