Kody Miller (Forevermyown)

You've left this world,
and I'll miss you so.
Even though,
I only knew you online.

You were lively
and fun,
and had beautiful poems.

I just can't believe
that you've left this world.

I will miss you dearly,
and am having trouble
writting this poem,
I'm still in shock,
from learning of
your death.

I will reread your poems
a million times,
since those are now
the only way I have
of connecting with you!

You were my girlfriend once,
and even though we've
both moved on,
you and I still had
our bond!

I'll miss you terribly,
and wish that I
could have done something
to keep you here!

Kody miller.
Good friend.
Funny person.
Kind inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my good friend Kody Miller, who is no longer on this earth, but will be remembered!! We Love You Kody!!

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I'm sorry... how are you doing?


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Thanks. I'm doing okay. I wish I could be there for her mother though....