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Verse 1:
Letting go of everything

That I have ever known.

Start again, begin anew.

I've been hearing rumors

That you cry at night.


I'll be there for you

"Cause you see through me.

You noticed me

When I was not alone.


Verse 2:

Though, I'm surrounded

By Images of what they want,

What made us think that money

Is the pursuit of happiness?


You gotta let it go, let it go.

All I really want

Is for you

To see you as I see you.


Those eyes gave me warmth and grace

I won't let go so easily.

'Cause you've been there for me

When no one else was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song I wrote about friendship about friends that have stuck by you through it all.

What is love

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I know some people 
ask what is love we 
will do not know 
what is love
I know
I know
I know some people 
ask what is love we 
will do not know what 
is love but Love mean 
to me when you Love 
someone who make 
you happy and make 
you laugh and you 
can be yourself around 
and who love for you 
not because you money 
or you hair because that 
does not matter because 
all matter is what is the 
inside not the 
outside that matter
© Amanda Kay hill 

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What happened?

broken promises confined within the agony of not holding you

eating away at the soul

and with each gnaw another emotion surges

understood nothing's understood

not even  purpose 

What happened?

i thought i deserved more 

i thought i meant more 

i thought we stood for eternity

undying love without a reason to extinguish

what happened?

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