My Zoey My friend!!! 2015

My Zoey My Freind ! 2015


my Zoey was special right from the start

because she knew what was in my heart

she was shy when we first met

as unsure of me as a pup can get

I wanted her as much as she needed me

so i got on the floor and waited to see

after a few minutes she came out form under

and wiggled up to me with eyes of wonder

the moment when we first met i didnt know

how much our love for one another would grow

shes been beside me from day one

laughing and barking having lots of fun

when i got beat up in a marriage of fears

she was always there to lick away my tears

she had a tumor that the vet removed

i cried oh Zoey my pet i loved

after she came home and was in pain

i was unsure shed be whole again

and she always slept upon my bed

and looked at me with eyes full of dread

i layed down on the floor and snuggled with her

slept there for weeks till she was better

she layed on the floor for me with no regret

i'd do it again for her that you can bet

when she got older she slowed way down

i took her to the vet that was down town

and they told me she had cancer again

that it was untreatable i cried not my friend

knowing my Zoey and i will soon part

thought back to our very first start

i fell to the floor and zoey heard my cries

she came up to me again and was drying my eyes

so with a mournfull soul and a heavy heart

i made the ultimate choice her life would end

but she would always be my Zoey my friend!!!!!


dedicated to my best friend i will always love you Zoey!!!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a very hard time writing this poem and as i was writing this for my Zoey i was remembering how she always knew i was hurting and on the floor after i got hit by my ex-husband and every time she crawled right up to me and would lick my tears away and when she got cancer that first time and had that operation to remove that tumor she was in a lot of pain and hurting badly and couldnt even get up on the bed well i wasnt gonna let her lay down on the cold floor alone so i layed a blanket down on the floor and placed her gently on it and grabbed a pillow and layed down on the floor with her and cuddled with her every night till she was well enough to get on the bed again and i would do it again in a heart beat, because she did it for me countles times,and when she got sick again and i cried, again she was wiping away my tears  she was and will always be my lil zoey!

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