true love! 2015

True love! 2015


there are two kinds of love i know one is for a friend

the other for your soul mate to which there is no end

when two hearts meet it's a gift from heaven above

thats when you hope and pray that it will be true love

you look at him across the room and when your eyes do meet

his smile is enough to excelerate your already fast heart beat

then you know with all your heart you'll never wanna part

it has you thinking with all your might it must be true love

he'll want to spend his time with you just because your you

your all he wants now and forever thats when you'll say i do

and when you do you'll feel just like a soaring dove

and you'll know with out a doubt that it really is true love




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my son he's in love and he thinks hes found his true love!!!   love you Jeffrey.


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