Yesterday seems so far away

Time passes by so slowly now

So many unanswered questions

No time to say goodbye

You gave sight to 2 small boys

But now I cant see you

You truly were a princess

Though you had no time to reign

I close my eyes and I remember

Your wide smile

You child like laughter

A beautiful person you were

Never again will you call me auntie

Never shall I see you grow and marry

If I could of changed places with you....I surely would

I miss you so much

Goodbyes are so final

Wait just a moment longer.......

Although I cant see you any longer dear

You are safe forever more in my HEART

Loving you always Auntie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem one year after my beautiful niece passed away at the tender age of 17

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You Deserve Better Than A Nursing Home

You had to relocate.

You had little to no alternative.

You entered my life again with fury...

As a burning cinder embedded under my skin.

I say, "I Love You" with great conviction.

I fear the pain and distrusting nature of...

     years gone by.

My only wish from you is that...

you open your heart and let me in.

This may be my only accomplishment in...

      your eyes, if achieved.

You are...

   Elderly with physical and mental afflictions.

I am...

   Middle-age on my path to inherit the...

      familiarities of our genes.

You cared for your parents and husband at home...

    until the Lord called for them.

You bore four children.

Only one wants you with true sincerity.

All I ask before you go is for you to...

      Acknowledge Me.


  I Love You... Mom

You deserve better than a Nursing Home.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

for My MOM

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For Toni

She's a spy,

So quick with triumph,

Her evil eye,

She always gets her man.

And in her life,

She'd fight til she died,

But she's far too quick,

To give in like that.

She's got the devil

In her side,

And an angel

In her eye,

And in another moment,

She'll take you outside.

She's a threat to society,

To international security,

She's a crime,

In time,

And in their eyes.

But she has the secrets,

To find the clues,

To find the fame,

She's a spy,

And she's never the same,

But you'll get your dues,

If you cross her once,

But don't cross her twice,

'Cuz she's a spy,

My own special spy,

She can take it,

With out the blink of an eye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you were to only have one best friend in this world, it should be Toni.  She is crazy, funny, sexy, incredible, and absolutely perfect.  After all, she helped bring me and my boyfriend Adam closer together.  I don't think I could ever be mad at her.  She thinks of me as a true blood sister, but I think of her as so much more.  My confidant, my partner in crime, my best friend.  Toni, I love you.

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The Lake

Summer sunshine,

Family love,

Peaceful waters of the Lake.

Joyful playing,

Warmest hearts,

Carefree splashing in the Lake.

Campfires burning,

Sharing caring,

Cheerful gathering at the Lake.

Tearful parting,

Hearts remember,

The Reunion by the Lake.

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