Eternity Has Ended to Bring Forth New Hope

Passionately, a dull antenna stares West
as if expecting some request or remark
from exhumed, gaseous forms designed for
mindless entertainment.
It masturbated until the break of dawn
when all her hair fell.

This is what decreased your fatalities and
drove the crazy sane.
Dig my head into sand to prevent loss of thought through
absorption into your stagnant life from whence nothing returns.
With me I bring salvation for all,
but only imagination for some.
Share these words with your brethren so the
gregarious, gentle beasts may rest under the
blaze of a heat lamp casting down upon skin
with renditions of beauty creating fur as it
glides across Earth for an instant.

Eternity has ended to bring forth new hope.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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The Captain


The Captain orders "Onward, march!"
the endless tramp, tramp of Time.
His right arm directs his Minute men,
and his left arm, the Hour.

To the endless tramp, tramp of Time,
the Captain has seen men cower,
through fearful last moments and dreadful deeds;
brave soldiers, shell-shocked and blasted.

And yet, the Captain's own Time must come,
this history must end,
for man was tuned to a different clock,
to the rhythm of the Eternal.

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Goddess forgive me,

If the agony crash me under your spell,

It was the impulsion of the lover!

No killer ever loved you,

Your purple eyes staring back at the water,

The river was playing your requiem,

The back of my hand,

Gently stroking your hair,

Black, Cleopatra shinning,

No queens or kings could rob such jewels!

I came close to your ear,

Whispering the three magic words,

You simply turned toward me,

And let me a strawberry kiss,

And before I knew,

You simply were staring back at the stream.

I took hold of the rock,

And silence grabs my hand,

The stone was dripping of blood,

Along with my arms shirt,

Her skull crack, her face half down the grass.

Your eyes open, I took my porcelain doll,

To the place we saw often play,

Today it shall be our secret bed,

So petite, so tiny, my precious!

A couch made of dead flowers,

We both, bodies lay in dried roses,

Evening heavens tainted by shooting stars,

This is a perfect daylight,

The last nocturnal summer curtain,

Her dress made of silk, came out like a glove,

I placed my lips upon her mouth,

To sealed our cold alliance,

“We”, now shall be for eternity one!

Two bodies naked, the love we shall never made,

Shall be the most striking.

My goddess slowly turning to marble,

I press my warm flesh upon the stone,

Blue turn your lips seem to spell the right verse,

But mortis stiff have other strategies,

I can see my reflection in the glazing of your purple eyes,

Night have already falls,

And I remember the promise you asked me,

I discharge the small amount of clothes on me,

Dispose them in the fury of the water,

Bend over to pick up my delicate doll,

And both naked, glue together,

My grey torture visions catch the water moonlight,

It is time, whisper three thousands time the second,

To travel to the ocean,

There was a loud splash and tiny noises,

As one, we both drifted under the river bed,

Breathing water, necrophilia lullaby!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i don`t think u know what pain is yet.....

Love Propelling


The world spins around us

Nothing else matters, is even there

My love for you is so great

The world hadn’t a chance to prepare

Not for us, for our ever deepening love


We are the only ones for miles

Or so it seems to us in our hearts

We walk hand in hand; hearts in a bind

We never know what we’re doing until it starts

For this is how our love has always moved us


Wildly and with such an untamed force

Our love grows with every step we take

And we pray to the Gods it never stops

As we blindly take our leap of faith in the lake

The lake of our love, which knows no depth


We shall remain like this for eternity

Walking through the world blind with love

Yet soaring so high into the clouds

On the wings of a snow white dove

With nothing but our love to move us



Written on

June 18, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about a guy I dated. No it didnt last in the end. But this was sure a good poem. 

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Eternity Be

If I could write with tears

this page would be full.

A song would be written,

with plans to sing to you.

But the pages are empty

You're not here to read them.

I don't blame you, I blame me.

This pain is unending,

my thoughts relentless

if I could have you, we'd be.

You turned off your phone

I listened to the message,

just to hear your voice

speaking to me.

If I could sing with tears,

what a beautiful ending

to a beautiful song

I could almost write.

If I could let you know,

just how much I loved you,

you'd never have to wonder

and eternity be.

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   Come to my garden,

Let me show you the way…

Walk into my footsteps,

Like the shadow I am! 


The day is fading away.

Can you smell the perfume of ether…?

Exotic flowers rotten to the core,

Each one with a bleeding heart! 


Feel the thorn of the dying rose,

Getting each night,

Deeper unto your flesh,

Another fading passion!


Moon reflecting on white lilies,

Feeding on my tears…

My flesh turning into ashes,

The earth fed with the salt of my being. 


Can you see the flashing colours?

Blinding your innocent eyes…

Your feet’s slowly going into the ground,

Buried into the garden of my perverted mind! 


My perversion of today,

My innocence of tomorrow!

My garden is eternity,

Filled with corpses of memories…. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh mighty, just bump unto some real old dusty words. what is it, me and garden?
actually, i love, plNTS AND GARDENING, MUST BE THAT....

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Volume One





Take my love upon your crimson wings

whispering in my ear all those wonderful things

once inside, you closed your eye's and flew away

my god is dead, and you want me to pray

I look back on the painful day

when a soul had been killed

and everything was trapped and sealed

I was lost for eternity

within my own heart, a hallow plague had begun to start

every day, I wish I could just die

every night, I made a plan, and would try

Now I wake and struggle for a reason

a lifetime spent wasted on this season

I should have for-seen this, but how could I resist

those memories stained in my head

my plan made well, cause now I'm dead

a wound so deep, my heart had bled

A life I was forced to see

A corpse I am to be, and now I'm lost for eternity


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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