Still is the rushing water below the bridge.
Still is the rustling leaves in the trees.
Still is the ominous vibration of the lowest
cord on the windchimes, carried on...

Still is the whistle of the wind,
and the frog croaking in a tree 100 yards away
still is the world revolving below
and the moon rotating up high.
still is the pulse of the waves on the sand.

While all these things stand still
I stand. Still listening. Still feeling.
Still thinking. Still.

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Looking up on a sunny day,
Receiving vibrations, sent
this way.
A feeling somewhere deep
A message, about to begin.
Coming from across the
Energies beginning play.
Thoughts from someone,
I know who,
Like an electric shock
of blue.
Wondering, if you too,
Receive vibrations, sent
to you.

copyright heather burns

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Volume One








I can feel the stars on my hand

wish upon a star from the damned

the dark surrounds it, the light hides it

Fear of hope, Fear of love

Dark stars from the sky, blinds me like a fly

I can feel the stars on my body, in my soul

like a goal, I need the hope

hope that one day life will show me love

stars in my hand burning, stars in my mind singing

stars in the body bringing, stars in the heart bleeding

For me..


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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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