Around The World!!!

I have always wished to travel around the world!
To feel the beauty of nature that has a splendid swirl…

Each country has a unique history on,
Food specialty of many countries has a magical wand!!

I have seen the Travel Show,
All I know I just have to travel more!!

To get an opportunity to travel all over..
Will give your life a makeover!

People who travel extensively are very flexible,
They can eat variety of food,
They don’t carry a very angry mood!!

They have traveled so much,
That every place has drilled some experience to keep in touch….

Travelers are definitely lucky,
As traveling makes them strong, to deal with the mucky…

Yes it is the blessing of various places,
That teach one to adjust in life’s various phases!

Just by traveling all the time,
A stiff personality can change to be soft and super fine!

This is the beauty of the diversity in the earth…
Each land has its own value and worth!

Let’s thank the Supreme Lord once more!
As only the Divine Nature can pour,

A churn for us when traveling across the world!
Learning experiences to change us over a while,
Turning our entire personality in a stunning style!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A traveler can easily add a dash to his personality-Credit his travel!

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