Before the Verse


In a place where no one lives and nobody dies

A world where nothing's born and non survive
The silence is an echo and everything's a dream
Breaking and colliding like brain waves in a stream
Where dimensions don't matter and solar winds won't burn
And black and white's a mystery and the colour won't return
And memories are moments that fold upon themselves
Repeating and rewinding in incandescent swells
The future lies behind me, the past a winding road
Curling into avenues that spiral and explode 
Their fire creates a furnace, their ashes turn to ice
Crystallising molecules that shatter split and splice
They cut into the darkness to create open space
Forming holes that hunger, that eat up and erase
The nothing that surrounds us and pulls us into strings
Collapsing under pressure, compacting everything
The catalyst is time, it sparks up every sun
Spreading radiation like a sub atomic bomb
It hurls out information that gathers into stars
Some form tiny planets composed from tiny shards
Smothered by the gasses left over from the bang
Orbiting with giants through time scales that span
A billion generations that will never comprehend
The gravity of whence they came or how the whole thing ends.
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Have you ever said goodbye 

I have, my cousin with a big sigh 


I never wanted to


He wanted to bring up peace 

Shoot down into pieces 


I cried for days 

Now I just lay down in a stack of hay. 


Now I carry his words, knowning 

that one day I'll have the same fate 


Lets come together and make peace 

Possibly it seems 

Its so hard to ask for it today. 

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cardboard memories shadows dweling in the sun..
let me touch you to know what it is to be alive..
let me feel you deep inside and surrender to you to feel that life flowing pure into your embrace..
i look to see if i live and my eyes stutter across your beautiful skin and therein lies my answer..


For what reason did you think you had the right?
I said no and fought with all my might.
You didn't listen, for you didn't really care.
You laced your fingers around the small of my back which was bare.
Then pushed yourslf into what could never belong to you..
Your grip was hard as you told me what to do.
The more I tried to resist, the more it hurt inside.
All that was left to do was to sit, and wait, and cry.
You pound my body and go deeper.
You had become my innocence reaper.
With every passing second the pain didnt go away..
The panting in my ears, you whispering for me to stay.
You took without remorse.
You gave me no choice.
I will never forget the pain I heard in your voice.
When you were finished you left me there alone.
You took the only thing I had left, and could ever call my own.

Ondine: A Tale of the Sea

Narrative Poems

Deep oceans dwelt in her soft cadenced
breathing, and the song of the seagull
strained in her hair, and her eyes had the hues
of the sunset as they sank in the distance
in hazel-brown skies.

She came unexpected, entangled in weeds,
caught in the net of a sad-eyed fisherman,
and her song had the call of the ocean,
and the call of the wave, and was heard

by all creatures that live in the deep:
the fisherman's nets now are crowded galore!
Bass, salmon, and lobster, bewitched by the song
of the girl who came from the sea!

They made love in his cabin, off the west coast
of Ire, the girl from the ocean and the sad-eyed
fisherman. And her sighs were like magic,
like the surf on the beach, and her moans were
like breakers that broke on the cliffs of his heart.

He was caught in the foam of her spell-binding
songs, caught in the strands of her sand-colored
hair, caught in the breeze of her lips, and the fish

in her mouth, as they loved in his cabin off the west
coast of Ire, and the tide of the ocean, and the wind
of the sea, and the sighs of the girl stole right
into his heart.

Now the cabin lies empty, struck by the wind,
and the waves of the ocean, and the tides
of the sea, and a song that bewitches

can be heard in the distance, in hazel-brown
skies, which glow like the eyes of the girl
who came from the sea.

(c) Copyright Jim Valero, 2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is written in ballad style. It employs cadence, rather than strict meter, to create evocative rhythms. As you read it aloud, you will notice the cadences and the textures built by sound effects like assonance, alliteration, and so on. Repetition works to create a longing, melancholy feeling in this ballad about a mysterious love by the shores of lovely Ireland.



With the ups and downs
and the ins and outs
you get good and bad
great and terrible.
Treat it all as a wave
roll with it till it crashes
the end result will be what is ment.
Keep your mind clear and free
like the beautiful sand lifting off earth.
Life doesn't end, it shape shifts;
changing with every decision and every stage of life.
Grab every shape and place it in the proper location;
ovals in your eyes, circle on your neck and heart in your chest.
Easy your mind, body and soul with fresh air of everyday.
Smile, laugh, love and live!
Four key points to a great life.
Smile for everyone that can't,
laugh for those that don't see joy,
Love like you have never loved before,
and live for those that no longer do.

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More Emphais

I exit you yet I'm still here coming

Leaving behind the kids I never had

its kind of sad

The collateral damage

The crimes of manly needs ,guess I'll manage

Although I still reminisce

I never knew them but they be missed

Hope theres a spot in heaven for those who should exist

Where they will be loved and kissed

In this I find bliss ,and happiness

Even though I caused the sorrow

With a helping hand from god and some hope that I borrow

I stay open for a new tomorrow

Leave behind this world of sin that I'm in

for a better life where we all rejoice and win

But until that life begins

I'll try but no I'm above the temptation of this nation

But I wont let that be an excuse for my exemption

Almighty lord for give this transgression

I'm still alive well I'm blessed then

So many questions

Why we do things with out hesitation

Then we regret and repent and yet

We're back in the same position tomorrow

Woe to all the sorrow and things that we put ourselves through

The we ask , Who know the color after fun was blue

We did but were people it's what society trained us to do

Why are we living in this hue

People are fickle and its true

I'm conflicted ,what to do

Damn I could go so on

But for more emphasis I turn my raps into poems

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zero yn 7th

And they're thought we were liars, but we saw them
We looked right through their eyes, right at them
Loving the space between worlds, we're slaughtered
Not a cry to be heard because, love, you're so awful

And have you seen how he runs out of gas?
She killed my pain and she’s singing in the rain
Endless but formless, love flies to the end
And goes back to the beginning again

Have you put them aside? Your crazy thoughts and dreams?
No, you aren’t a part of me but you mean a lot for me
The will to die is something that keeps me alive; it's just one step away
Limitations are set for you so, then, can we go all the way?

And have you seen how the cars when they pass?
They come in your way but they aren't speeding away
I’m cumming in you and you’re going away
But for them nothing changed…
Without him, nothing changed.

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Flirting Love

Love Poems

Yea u be feeling me & I be feeling u too // playing darts with our hearts like we on some voodoo // I get u all confused making u feel like a fool but deep inside this heart // I'm really loving u // & there's no doubt in dis mind dat somehow u will be mine // sign on da dotted line // caps bold & underline // took a chance & underwrote // to u I always wrote // becuz baby u my one true evernote // & I be watching ur heart like I'm ur heart proctor // recharging our love like Ima battery doctor // dat mystery hell flyer // doing ninjumps over ur heart till our love expires // & I'll risk my life & climb to any feet // become that rhythm spirit & make ur heart beat // cuz our love jus flows // cuz u're my art of glow // barcode scan & I read ur heart is gold // but they say it's suicidal wen u in love too deep // but it's wen I look at u dat I take dat leap // becuz if I dnt believe in faith // den I believe in us // & if I dnt believe in us den I dnt believe in trust // & I trust dat love is a must // so stop with da flirting baby & let me get u in cuffs ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem using app names in my iPhone ..

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