abstract love

Never Waste a Minute

I feel the world crying low
You never found your love in home
There is no more hope, your hand is gone
Your father is the one who survived the last dawn

There are no escapes and all the rest is just mistakes
What would you take? Would you take? Would you take?

And in everything you have seen, the night was a whore
And became the sad days that never ends soon
That passionate day, you don’t know where I'm from
Is the only place where happiness says “young”?

Lost at sea
We were lost at sea
I wouldn’t think if your love were just me
All we see isn’t something that we need to have
There are no more ropes for catching our drowned dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by some psychological events that happened with me in last days.

zero yn 7th

And they're thought we were liars, but we saw them
We looked right through their eyes, right at them
Loving the space between worlds, we're slaughtered
Not a cry to be heard because, love, you're so awful

And have you seen how he runs out of gas?
She killed my pain and she’s singing in the rain
Endless but formless, love flies to the end
And goes back to the beginning again

Have you put them aside? Your crazy thoughts and dreams?
No, you aren’t a part of me but you mean a lot for me
The will to die is something that keeps me alive; it's just one step away
Limitations are set for you so, then, can we go all the way?

And have you seen how the cars when they pass?
They come in your way but they aren't speeding away
I’m cumming in you and you’re going away
But for them nothing changed…
Without him, nothing changed.

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My Kingdom

Attempts at Poetry



I'm nothing but a humble pawn.

Soldier to a castle not of stones.

Knight to the warring realms of old,
Where swords and arrows have no use.


In a woodland with 64 squares,
Where minds battle to mortal ends,
There lays my heart within its fields,
Her passion faded not by years.


Summon my King your scattered wits!
My flaming love for you burns true.
I'll fight and die, to save your throne,
I'll march to my end to give you hope.


I ask the Bishops to please pray,
For the valiant men holding our towers.
My brave Queen, dare break some might,
Then lure the King from the North keep. 

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