The Great Academic War

War and Peace

The battle drums begin,
as we wage war against unceasing academia!
this unrelenting foe has no mercy for such as we
and so shall it be, no mercy returned!
All that will be returned are assignments,
promptly and professionally
like a true tactician of war -
for this mathematician is on a noble mission,
to make old Pythagoras proud;
and Euler will hold us in great esteem;
and Einstein, he might very well shed a tear.
For there will be no fear of these approaching exams
even as they are encroaching on the front lines of my insanity!
A man can be brought only so far by his discipline,
a soldier goes further through his own will.
So shall we conquer!
Sound forth, and fight well.
Fellow comrades!

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chuckle chuckle

I laughed remembering the deadlines, the exams, the all-nighters, the pain, the desire to slip out of my skin and go home -- captured well in the Einstein line. I hope I do not offend, but this is Bill Maher quality humor - Nimpsy Russell would have shed a tear assuredly, so funny - thanks I needed the humor this evening and the memories - allets



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Nice one! My beef is with

Nice one! My beef is with history e everyday theres more to remember! Cheers ss

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Wow, nice job!! I like it!

Wow, nice job!! I like it!