A Meaningless System, And I'm apart/ a part

What am I doing with myself
Sitting my dreams on the shelf
And wasting away my day
Without having any earthly sway

It's finals week.
I aced my finals.
But the learning is weak.
And the time spent useless.

So what is it I'm doing
Whilst saving myself money?
College life has been screwing
My high school trajectory.

I'm not having fun.
I really want to be done
With this mess of a trumph
It's not helping me with who to become.

Hard work and effort have been
Wasted in this empty system
Where all my struggles I have only seen
As useless to learning wisdom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm very unhappy with my Junior year of high school so far. I work very hard, ace most of my classes, (even the concurrent enrollment ones) and do better than most but I'm still unhappy. I don't feel like I have accomplished everything. I wish I could funnel my skills in one area instead of trying to build EVERYTHING. Dance, sports, theater, regular education, you name it, and I have a talent there. And I can't choose what to follow and/or go into. Ugh. I feel so lost.

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