Funny, Ha, Ha


Maybe if I had a #hashtagged name,

They'd pay me some attention.

For all the 'social networking' done,

You'd think I'd get some mention.


Everyone is all-too-busy posting,

To spend anymore quality time.

'Social Media' is just an oxymoron,

It's more like a 'Social Climb'.


They are so afraid they'll miss,

A post, a comment or tweet.

Cell phones up in all their faces,

Walking down every city street.


The day of the zombies coming,

are what some people  fear,

But guess what? Take a look around!

They are already here!






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Z Nation

There is always a control vehicle - remember am transistor radios, now it's gamers and cell phones - it never changes. It's aobut money - allets -




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damn,i don`t even know what a

damn,i don`t even know what a hash tag is,still use a flip phone and wouldn`t waste my time on twitter,face book or i phones

ron parrish