my life is being lived backwards.
i began young with grown up ways.
now i just want to have fun!
i'm feeling greedy and hungry!
love me, need me, feed me!
i'll wrap myself around you and take you into me.
just let me have all of you
and i'll give you my everything!
i want you to focus on me.
put me in the center of your world.
revolve around me baby!
revolve around me!

i'm bubbly and so alive!
your life just jumped off its boring track.
hop onto me and never look back!
i ride every wave of ecstasy you bring.
you carry me away with every breath.
love me, want me, eat me!
you'll fill me up with your seed and i'll be what you need.
this isn't your typical affair.
fate brought us together on the luckiest of days.
now we take this path because we dare!
together we can rule this world!
revolve with me baby!
revolve around each other forever!

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A Walk Through My Dream

My Boo

I open my eyes, and I'm in a beautiful meadow. This meadow has many different types of flowers, tullips, roses, magnolias, daffodils, and more. The moon above the meadow, casts the most beautiful ray of moonlight across the meadow. I'm wearing a small red dress that is fluffy at the bottom, and I have some silver flats on. But I can only register this for a second, because, at the end of the meadow, I see My girl.My Erica. She is wearing the cutest little dress, that ends right above her knees. It's pink, silky, and has spagetti straps. She has some small black, soft flats. She looks soooo beautiful! I start walking, and then running towards her. Even though her face is blurred, I can see what I imagine her lips look like. She runs towards me, and we meet in the middle of the meadow. I throw my arms around her, and she wraps her arms around my waist.
"I missed you!" I whisper into her hair, as I hold her tighter.
"I know you have. I have, too." She giggles. We release one another, but keep our hands intertwined. We walk for a few moments, and then fireflies come out, flying around us, along with floating candles. The sight suprises us, and we laugh before we start walking again. We don't have to talk, and the quite isn't an awkward silence.
We come up onto this old cabin, and we see that there is a vine of ivy, stretching along the wall of one side of the house. We carefully climb up, and sit on the roof of the cabin. The roof is different than something that I've seen on any little cabin. The roof is less slanted than most cabins, or in that matter, than most houses, too. At the very edge of the roof, where there would be a chance of falling off, is a little railing, that looks like it's there to make sure the roof is somewhat safe.
From the roof, we can see the moon, and it's now over a big lake. The reflection of the moon on the surface of the water, is beautiful. I turn to Erica, and gaze at her blurred face. I reach out and stroke her face, and her eyes close. A small smile is on her beautiful lips.
"Nothing can ever compair to your beauty. Nothing at all!" I tell her, and I mean it. I love her, more than I've ever loved anyone or anything in my life.
"That's really sweet, Moriah." Erica whispers, and she hugs me again. When we pull back, I slowly, softly, stroke her arm with one finger. I can hear her take a breath quickly, and I take that as a sign that it's okay. I move my legs under me, so I'm sitting on them, and lean in slightly, kissing her neck softly. She turns her body towards me, so we are sitting face to face, my legs underneith me. Her eyes close, and her arm finds my thigh.
I move my hand up her arm, and then down her left side, my eyes closed, as I move my lips from her neck, to her collar bone. Erica lets out a quiet moan, and her arm slides up my thigh. I'm holding myself back, as much as I can, and my lips slide up to her lips. I kiss her once, then twice, and once more. She kisses me back, as she moves to a kneeling position. I deepen the kiss as I move my hands around to her back, finding her zipper. I open my eyes and pull back for a second, waiting until she opens her eyes, and nods at me. I don't want to take advantage of her, although I know that I could. She means too mutch to me, and I would never do anything to hurt her. My hand pulls down on her zipper, all the way down to her waist. I place my lips back onto hers, and kiss her more deeply, more passionately. I tease her lips with my tounge, running it back and forth across them, testing. I place my right hand on the small of her back and she arches her back. Her lips open slightly, and I slowly touch her tounge with mine. A gasp escapes from the both of us, at exactly the same time.
She's leaning more heavily against me now, and I'm trying not to fall over backwards. As our tounges seem to take on a mind of their own, her hand has now gotten up to the line of my panties. My breath hitches, and I feel her smile, as she puts more of her weight against me, and I slip backwards, landing with her ontop of me. She landed a little too far for my lips to reach. My eyes open, and I grin at my girl.
She is the one person who makes me feel complete!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This a fantasy of mine. It's what I dream of at night, right now. Please don't judge me! I'm a teenage girl, what can you expect ;P Please comment, and let me know what you think!! And I hope who I wrote it about knows that I wrote it about her!

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I need you
I want you
To be near
To never let go
To never walk away

I can’t remember what
It was like before I met you
Nor do I really want to
And that is one thing
That I’m thankful for

I know that I had boyfriends
Before the accident
But none of that matters
Not any more, not to me
Because you are mine

Just as I am yours
That is why I need you
That is why I want you
Because you are everything
That I’ve ever needed

Written on
February 29, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I just wrote to/about my boyfriend, Tom Neville. its now been 6 months and we are both as happy (insert favorite metaphor here). Of course, we still have slight issues but at least they aren't major ones, like most couples get by the second month.

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Condensation Shades Radiation

Smothered by this weightless white sheet,
I become sightless, unable to see.
With no benevolent light,
how could one have any sight?
Need of the star kills,
but she perpetually fills
our bleeding desire full
of her warmth and the pull
that bring us to life every day.
I crave her, but there’s no way
to satisfy my wishful want
of killing this dreadful taunt
of her face: bright, lively,
the only way to revive me.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment

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I Want To Kiss

I want to cry,
I want to wail,
I want to bawl,
I want to kick and scream to the havens,
I want to rip myself apart,
I want to curl up and shrivel away,
I want darkness,
I want the world to stop,
I want to pull my hair out,
I want to stay in bed and never come out from under the covers.

I want to kiss,
I want to be held,
I want to be hugged,
I want to be touched,
I want to be loved,
I want to be fucked,
I want to be told I'm beautiful,
I want to be told you complete me,
I want a best friend,
I want to be myself with someone.

I want this pain to stop,
I need this pain to stop,
I can't handle this pain anymore,
The pain that I feel when I see others kiss, hold, hug, touch, love, fuck, talk kills me inside every single time.

I want this loneliness to stop,
I need this loneliness to stop,
I don't want to be lonely anymore,
I can't be lonely anymore.

I need someone to love and for them to love me in return.

I want, I need, I don't want, I can't.

The pain.

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I See His Hair

I see his hair,
His golden locks,
That flutters through the air,
That spills over his ears like a seaside consuming its rocks.

The shape of his jaw,
The line of his nose,
The feeling in my stomach is raw,
The smell of his clothes.

His slim waist,
His perfect height,
My want to taste,
The thought of things that might.

My desperation,
My lust,
My confusion,
My want of trust.

I wish I could write:
The look in his eyes
The feel of my hand as he held it tight,
Unfortunately though, all of these feelings are just one sick disguise.

I do not love him,
His humours bizarre,
I do not want him,
We’ve nothing in common as he detests poetry, plays, music and anything to do with an electric guitar.

A man of politics and science,
I feel nothing for him,
What he lacks in looks is made up with my defiance,
Then why can’t I dismiss this one little whim.

My loneliness consumes me, I consume my loneliness.

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I want her


I've met this girl,
she lives very far away,
and she's everything
I'll ever need.

She makes me feel,
like I am a gem,
A gem that she
will keep by her heart.

To me she's a jewel,
One that I'll put on a string,
and wear around my neck,
so she's always close to me.

I want this girl.
I want her bad.
I want this girl,
so very bad.

I want her with all my being,
I want her beside me.
I want to be able to
crawl over her.

I'd kiss her face,
I'd explore her body.
I'd make us one,
and never stop.

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I want my best friend back

My thoughts

I want my best friend,
I want my best friend,
I want my best friend back.

She's been so distant,
Not contacting me as much,
Did I do something wrong?
Did I make her upset?

Why won’t she talk to me?
Why is she so distant?
Why won’t she text me first?
Why do I have to be the one to contact her?

She's my best friend.
But she is different now,
then she used to be,
I'm getting kind of lonely.

I want my best friend back,
I want us to be the same,
I want to go back
to the way things were.

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Why - JB

To Him

i have nothing to say to you
not at this moment

when i think about your name
a tear comes to my eye

it pains to admit
that i miss you

do you miss me
do you even think my name


your too busy with her
now i am not jealous

i am actually happy that you found her
she seems good for you

but can i honestly say
that it should have been me

all of the good time we had
do you even remember all those times


i can picture the next time i see you
or even the next time you see me

there have been dreams in my past
they all have your name written on it

you did something to make me want you in my life
you do not seem to want me in your life

is it the way it ended or is it the way it started
too much fun yet too much heartbreak


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Love My Best Friend... Only If He Could See That... Hope All Is Well...

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