All I want is you!

                   All i want is you!

Day after day I wait for just a moment of your time

And night after night i spend crying oh what  a crime

Why do I have to wait for my time to carry through

I miss our time together. And all i want is you

We used to chat for hours andTalk about our lives

And we didnt  stop talking till morning light arrives

I don't know why its so but it's made me feel blue

The distance keeps us apart but all I want is you

I wish I could turn back time to when we first met

Cus that's when you talk to me with out any regret

One day we'll be as one right now all I want is you!!!!! 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't been on in a year but I'm back and here's my latest! It's about this special someone who's away for a while doing a job of making roads and he stopped texting me almost altogether hope you all like it!

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