Making a Bruise on My Foot

Things Gone Wrong


It started when I was

sitting on the toilet.


I had finished using it,

so I stood up.


Although I pulled up

my underwear,

I wanted to

change my shorts.


So, I decided not to

pull up my shorts,

nor to pull them down,

for some strange reason.


I got up,

and since I

couldn't walk right,

with my shorts around my ankles.


I waddled,

yes, waddled,

towards the doorway

of the bathroom.




here is where

I call for your attention.


I waddled,

yes, waddled,

towards the door,

so I could go change my shorts!


I reach the bathroom door,

which is open all the way,

and my foot is extended,

as I am getting ready

to move onto my left foot.


My right foot

slides under the door,

my pinky toe not making it under.


The pinky toe stretched,

or something like that,

and threw me into

horrible pain.


My toe,

my toe,

or was it my foot?!


I had no clue,

just that it hurt!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

True "story"!!! This is my clumbsy self!! I hope you like it, let me know!!

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