Soul mates

"They call him Quiet"

They call him Quiet!

Why did I volunteer my company to this king and think I could leave without feeling like his most prized possession?

How can I go from him being a foreigner to me; to immediately him being my obsession?

What was it he put in his stroke as he caressed my frame with the strength of a lion but the feel of cotton?

Why does this near stranger make my heart skip a beat effortlessly and seem to be the sweet apple in the barrel I thought was full of rotten?

Is it his shoulder span, his mountainous pecs, or his muscles of steel?

Or is it the sense of sincerity I see in his eyes or perhaps the security his touch reveals?

Inadvertantly the romantic in me whom was supposed to be extinct all of a sudden appeared!

Instantly I’m willing to conquer insecurities that once were over-whelmed and actively feared.

I have no idea what magic this fantasy man released that night or why I was his chosen object of affection.

It’s not often that I’m treasuring seconds as if they were moments to satisfy my mental erection!

Skeptisism is no opponent to passion and even more inferior to destiny!

Time will tell if he is my soul mate, in the mean time faith will continue to accompany me!

What was it about this man who mirrored so many others before him that put my permanent guards to rest?

Well truthfully and honestly; his actions spoke louder than his words, therefore proof that I am blessed!

By Bryant

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after meeting a very distinguished guy who's personality and spirit was soo welcomed considering a lot of previous dissappointments with dealing with men who's actions did not coincide with their words.

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My Works

Silence is my shadow.

Misery is my friend.

Patience is a virtue,

Which I can find no means to end.

Darkness is my world,

Light is my sword.

Hate is the poisinous envy,

that hangs from each word.

Night is my life.

Pain is my hunter.

Cast away from this world,

and my one true lover.

Pleasure is my slave,

To put me in my grave.

Love is my passion.

Broken is my heart,

Scattered are the pieces that you found in the dark.

Alone do I travel under the cruel night sky,

My being goes unoticed,

as do the many tears that I cry.

Death is near, my journey's end.

My only purpose defeated, my shattered heart you cannot mend.

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It's What You Do

It's 2 A.M.

And I'm sitting in my bed,

Thinking about this girl,

Who has been running through my head.

It's weird to know,

We started out as friends,

Now I hope we get together,

And our relationship never ends.

I remember when she first stepped out of the car,

I couldn't say a word,

Still stunned by her beauty,

The next few minutes were awkward.

I know you're afraid to be hurt again,

And I know it's going to take time,

But I hope that when your over him,

You will be mine.

I want you,I need you,

To be my lady,

It seems it would only be right,

For you to be my baby.

Im suprised,

I got this far,

Because writing this,

Is extremely hard.

It's hard to explain,

How I feel,

Especially knowing,

That these feelings are real.

Listen to me closely,

As I end this poem with something so very true,

No matter what happens between us,

Believe me, "I Love You!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you Jessica!

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How I long

For this I do

A man so strong

Yet sentimental too

He can handle any ordeal

And empathize with emotion

Understand how I feel

But let me help in his commotion

An aesthetic sense in any thing done

With a unique style of his own

The personality both serious and fun

And make me want to be his proudly shown

A man who has street smarts

Sophistication an even balance

To understand both our hearts

Would be only few of his talents

How I long for the being

And my search does go on

While my heart continues fleeing

In order to find this person I'm drawn

Inspired by: Possibilities

Dedicated to: Mr. Right

Created on: May 11, 2006 � 09:15

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He cracked my enigmatic refuge,

And allowed me to trust.

Though the price he paid was huge,

He was set on making me adjust.

He broke me down.

He examined me in details,

And then turned my frown,

Into something that prevails.


The way he managed the events that took place,

How he had worked at making me see,

Were in his ways through an accepting embrace,

A way to prove someone loves me for me.


He has proven his love and continues so,

Amazing me in ways that boggle my brain.

He is the only one who has made me glow.

He is why I changed so much through my pain.

He has taken steps with me,

Which I would’ve done alone.

If he hadn’t of made me see,

How much I had not known.

Through my ignorance and his fortitude,

He has leaded me through many experiences.

Which has guided me towards gratitude,

Because of his persistent interferences.


Now I have someone to confide.

Now he has someone to trust.

From him I have nothing to hide,

And he has a love that’s not lust.

Although at first, unable to console,

He was the only one,

To reach my goal.

Inspired by: / dedicated to: Gerald E. Lindberg

Created on: December 27, 2005

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Love Poetry

Not a day went by that her heart didn't ache,

memories still drowning her soul in tears.

Her heart is bleeding, a past ripping her apart,

Waiting for a love to rebuild her dying world.

Everyday she cries, feeling empty inside,

building walls to save herself from the pain.

Writing poems of depression consuming her mind,

trying to release all that has built up over time.

Attempting to keep her grasp on reality,

looking for that reason to wake up each day.

Putting a fake smile on her face for everyone,

hiding the sorrow slowly devouring her soul.

Craving that shoulder to cry on every night,

instead left alone in a river of endless tears.

Giving up on the search for a soul mate,

tired of being hurt with every attempt.

Waiting for just a thoughtful message,

to know someone out there still gives a shit.

That day finally came, in the form of a poem,

a new friend giving her a reason to smile.

Opening her heart after keeping it all inside,

she pours her soul into a chance with him.

He's been torn apart before as well,

they have cried the same endless river of tears.

She feels her soul healing slowly inside of her,

to know that she's not alone in this world of hurt.

His smile suddenly becomes the light of her day,

he stole her heart within words of encouragement.

Making her feel like a human being again,

not just the girl of the week or month like before.

She realizes that she's falling in love again,

with the man she has been waiting for all her life.

This is the love everyone dreams about having,

the one they try to describe in love stories.

She feels it within every fiber of her being,

a love that's captivating her heart and soul.

The first time his voice fell upon her ears,

she confirmed the feeling growing deep inside.

He's consumed her mind with thoughts of him,

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Falling Into Heaven's Arms

Love Poetry

I cried my river of tears,

survived the years of loneliness.

Emptied my heart out for them,

gave them all the love i had.

Bled to know I still cared,

dreamed of better days.

Prayed for true love to find me,

to end my heartbreak.

Wandering through decades

looking for the one for me.

The angel from heaven,

God's gift to me.

I climbed to the mountain top,

gazing out into the stars.

screaming out his name,

please come to me.

Watching every passing face,

could I see it in his eyes?

Would true love pass me by?

I'll never give up my search.

Hoping that I hadn't already lost,

the one meant to be with me always.

In every dream I saw his face,

only to vanish with the morning light.

I cry to the heavens

for the touch of his warm embrace.

Craving love to hold me close,

and cherish me for eternity.

Running back to the highest peak,

to call out his name once more.

I fell from what seemed like heaven,

only to land within my true love's arms.

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Being with you is a blessing from God above, i truely am blessed each & everyday to have you in my life!  I bow down on one Knee & thank the Good load for Giving you to me..Amen!!  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This my not be a poem...But i wrote it for my guy as a Little St. Patrick's day messeage!

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I'll Love till Eternity....

I love her...

I love her more than words can say,

I love her more than my body can feel,

and I'll wait an eternity if needs be...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eternities a long time... here's to hoping it doesn't take that long ;-)

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