Our Destiny

Come with me and I shall show you,

What I have found.

And together we will discover

What it is to be; to breathe.

Follow me and take my hand;

Stumble along this blind path.

As long as we are together,

If you are willing to lay next to me,

All can be good, life can be lived.

Breathe in this song with me;

Feel it move through your veins.

Drive this road of possibilities;

We shall find the pot of gold,

At the end of this rainbow,

After the storm has calmed,

And the sky becomes vacant.

Unveiled—will be our destiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 7/15/10

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vilmazab's picture

There has been so many poems written on Destiny..I just want you to know, I like this one too.

heatherburns35's picture

We will find a pot of gold
at the end of our rainbow.
after the storm has calmed
unveiled will be our destiny...

I love this stanza...lovely...
and I hope and pray you are right....
nice work....heather