unsure of intentions

Clearly Hidden From View

Personal Favorites

It could be, eyes see differently
That I might not appreciate the same view
If it is a gaze, fixed at a distance,
focused on the impossible, maybe
Or thought, fought inwardly about
out of reach, league, or better without
What the heart stays chained to
Tethered secretly, and at great distance
though to step out of the safe places,
out of clear evaluation, a secret admiration
dreamed about, infatuated and unspoken
outside of dreams that are intoxicated
provoked, streamed and called by heart
and habit of longing, watching imagining
the, oh, sensation the simple locking of hands
shared smiles and confessions with no verbalization
true love, of two souls who somehow vibrated
out of devine planning, or intervention, if not random
but could never happen for me, not lucky enough
but am, or will, just might, only if,... I...
Step out, shed loves shaded shadows of obscurity,
offering clearly, in the center of that one's
unknowing, yet appreciative gaze, becoming focused
and dance, not, hint none, but let your heart
express what it wants and be free of this
the unknowing, Clearly hidden from view
confronts and demands unknowings end.