Soul mates

The Sweetest Gift

In your eyes I see the faces of our children

In your hands I see the solace I am yearning for

Your lips to tickle my affection

But your spirit that ignites my soul

Talk to me in the essence of the Creator

I hold onto you my sweetest gift

And walk towards the temples of our perfection

I am lost in the wilds of this world

But I feel you trying to guide me

I will reach out and grab your hands

Please don't ever let me go

75-95 which road I do not know

But both lead to my heart

The Northern star to light the way

And the voices of the ancestors

Preparing for this day

I weep for the sadness that I feel

But the happiness of this warmth of his breeze

Embraced and loved without the words,only the emotional poetry~

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Happy Valentines

my sunny valentines tine tine. on my mind

she helping kill this time so i put her in a rhyme

as im counting the days im staring at her picture reminescing

counting the ways that i love love love you you lets see

i broke it down 1 4 3 write dear diana letters flare on the D

put smith on your name to bring you closer to me

and any idiot can see that your cappacion skin tone

probly the main reason keisha cole on my ringtone

taliking bout love i never knew what i was missing

till the day i kissed you the first time we made love

baby i was trippin could barely enen stand up

got rocky road and made an ice cream sandwich that was nasty

it felt so good though im nasty and you my good girl

its all good girl

to your hart from mines i love you always happy Valentines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was done by Mr.Smith

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Leaving with wings

Darling bitter butterfly, with wings, you chose without

We would repress our colourful features

And not fly without permission

Not fly at all

We hid them away from scornful faces and painful remarks

Our weapon, our escape

Oh they knew and they feared, they tied us down

Time has passed and divided us in two worlds

Darling, bitter butterfly they still see us

When untouchable, let them see us soar

I no longer fear the colours or the strength which wings can have

Doubtful you are, you must move with the wind

Soul mate, never let them keep you

We know their hate, and repeated methods

Burning wings with their tongues

Unfold your wings

Soar with me

Don’t stay and rotten,


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Walking to Eternity

Walking on this long journey

I hear your thoughts,they mingle with mine

As we both walk this long path to each other

It has been many months and centuries that we

keep walking towards each other

I have passed many places in my journey to you

I can see you walking towards me in my thoughts

You look magnificient my love

I see your huge headdress with the huge plummage

And the feathered serpent emblem on your head

Your very long black hair flowing in the breeze

as your muscled body torts and walks at a steady pace

I can even hear your anklets making their own music

And your guides that are with you,the two jaguars the spotted and the black

I can hear the call of the eagle and condor as they fly above you to look for me

Can you see me my love

I know I am far from you now,but look into your visions

Look into your heart

I am the woman that walks towards you,I have long flowing dark hair

And eyes so bright blue and violet,they shine in the night

And the regalia of my people,the turtle that keeps my people grounded

You know she brought us all here,this is Turtle Island.

Noyollo,can you see my guides they walk with me too

My black wolf Teme and my Tiger Shiva

Manaka'has flies ahead of me

He protects me from all,he sees before I do

And he hears before me too

Something in the universe is changing,I feel stronger

And hear the beat of the drums,and the softness of the flute

I feel excitement as this path grows shorter,I feel as if I have walked forever

And truly,it's been long this path to you

But I can see you in the distance,you are just a blurb

Soon it will grow clearer,and we will be in clear sight

My eyes cannot wait to hold your steady gaze

And dance together in the moonlight

I go into my visions and dream of the day

That we are only inches away

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My Warrior

A Warrior in my heart

A warrior in my soul

the only kind of man

who could keep my eternal hand

is a warrior filled with love

sent from up above

for no other ordinary man

could fulfill or match my demand

of overwhelming love and affection

a warrior is filled with passion

and respect and honor

for his woman is his center

and he holds her up above

he loves her when she is down

and he loves her when she is happy

he lets her see his spirit and soul

yet he is stronger then any other man you will ever know

my warrior he awaits me

and some day he will come

the spirits tell me of his love

and someday we will be a family

he and i and fawn and our son little dove

we will dance for the creator and live the red road rules

fight for our people and teach the ignorant ones

of beauty of nature of all that's been sent from above

my warrior awaits me,i must go and wait for him to come

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Fairy Tales That Bloom In The Dark

Her Hansom Prince:

"You've always been my beautiful princess

And though you are gone you still are

I needed you like you needed me

I was too late and now I'll not be far"

So fly my darling forever

And dance like an angel on cue

For you are my beautiful princess

And I shall always love you"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The continued version of "The Wilted Rose Of A Fairy Tale" This one is about how the charater Buster is found by a little boy called Blake. He saves her in the end but the trauma from the teasing has left scars that never really heal.

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Wolf of my Heart

Wolf of my Heart,Man of my Soul

Time tore us apart,to evolve through misery

But it has come,the time of forever

To have the life we didn't have

To love, to talk,to be as one

Wolf of my Heart,where are you now?

Come home to me,and let me feel

The warmth of your body entwined with mine

To sleep in your arms and feel the contentment of finally being safe

Man of my soul,I've memorized your love in my body

I feel you from the depths of my core.

Now materialize back into my life

So we may both truly live again

So we may both love with all our heart and soul

Ours is a love that death cannot divide

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Liking Him

Lost in your voice

Wondering everything

If you speak the truth

Or if its all lies

I dont know what to do

Should i believe you

Or should i hide

Behind my own lies

Stay away from love

Just cause I'm scared

Don't want to hurt

Feel all of the pain

Don't want to hide

But I feel I have to

Not let another into my heart

But I think he's different

That maybe he acutually cares

That he could love me

The real and fucked up me

Not the person I pretend to be

So I might have to try

Get to know him all over again

Feel love for someone new

And if not its ok

As long as my heart don't break

And remains the way it is

Free of control and pain

And most of all ready to love again

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me to you

every time i see your face it feels like i was sprayed with mase you are the one who passed me by and the one that caught my eye.if fate was to take me with out a trace always in my heart there will be  space, a space that only you can fill and in this poem to you my guts i spill so on this paper you hear me say in my heart you will always stay. i love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if a girl stole your heart how would you feel???????????

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