Ever Looming

Sometimes life spins out of our control—

Like my growing love for you

And your ever looming future absence

Everlasting, I can see this happening

Our future and our children too

Me, following you across the land and beyond…

And yet there are so many obstacles—

Ever looming—

I see the booby traps, laid out in front of me

I feel the weight of the future on my shoulders

Its breath on my neck

Yet I fall for you, and continue tripping…

I long for your arms to catch me—

There you are

But how much longer will your presence be present;

Before our destiny tears at our seams,

Rips apart the threads of our bond,

And undoes what has been done by our hearts

Will your feelings remain the same,

When I am no longer by your side?

Will you love me,

When you can no longer entwine your fingers with mine?

When I no longer sleep in your arms,

When we are miles apart…

Will you still want me?

Who is to say, if we will be…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 4/26/10

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