Soul mates

sweet dream

My Favorites

ah,but a sweet dream I often have,

to feel your touch upon my skin.

letting desire escape in the night,

and knowing your passion deep within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tis but a dream

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My Dream Man

I'm covered in the darkness

     Silence fills my ears;

My thoughts keep racing back to you

     As I wipe away my tears.

The tears I cry are not of pain -

     They make me smile instead;

I sense you near me once again

     -hear the tender words you said.

You tease me with your presence,

     And say you'll be here before long;

I have no reason to doubt you,

     You'd never do me wrong.

Sometimes I feel you're really here,

     The thought of you makes me beam;

One day you'll come - you told me so.....

     The gentleman in my dreams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was feeling hopeful.....

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Ode To The Mystery...

was lost and can't go on

my sky was darkening

i like it that way sometimes

not much for reckoning

could we sit and talk for a while

i'm sure you wouldn't mind

'cause you are so much like me

so naturally kind

like you've known me forever

i feel the way you do

and the crying shame of all these is

that you were once lost too

so how do you see this life

'sit a tormented scene

'cause if you feel that way then

on my shoulders you can lean

well i know those words are yours

they're what you said to me

for a while i somehow felt this

sensation of being free

were you sent to me was it planned

or is it destiny

that you came in here and rushing

to disclose the mystery

i said you are an angel

you said you got no wings

but the comfort of your presence is

like what an angel brings

d'you mind if i have a cigarette

well i could use one now

i think i'll be just fine

as long as you're around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i might have found my soulmate..

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When the heart discloses

trusting to great love's call

lovers now become soulmates

finding a piece of heaven on earth

Layers of charming pictures

fragrant flowers in bouquets displays

hands with such tender and loving care

hasten to touch your beloved face

Ecstasy so, so divine

waiting for your body and mine

very passionate all your kisses

from your honey lips sublime



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When you're away, the ache is there

so intense inside my heart.

It brings the tears and emptiness,

so I try to do my part

to keep upbeat and feel the love

that I know you have for me,

to treasure memories of our times,

when, with me, you'll come to be.

A future with you is what I want.

I know that now, my dear,

with you by my side, loving me

I know there's no need to fear

of building our lives,

filled with joy and love,

wherever that may be.

For I love you, my dear,

with all my heart

and for all eternity.

Susen Kaylo

© December 1999

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I am waiting, ever watchful

to hear your whispers dear,

the loving voice that you impart,

that keeps you ever near.

The scent of you invades my soul

with a love that is divine.

I cherish our time with such majesty

like a goblet of finest wine.

Our stolen moments light our path

as the moon shines high above.

Two souls intertwined, bound as lovers lace,

shrouded in glowing veils of love.

Minutes ticking, ever precious,

such moments are a treasured gift.

You are the rhythm of my heartbeat,

my lonesome spirit, you do uplift.

Within your smiling eyes, I see myself,

reflections shining clear

of our moments that are filled with love,

magical times that are so dear.

Our souls have joined in harmony

through the misty, tendrils of night.

Come, be warmed by the fire in my heart,

bathe with me in love's glowing light.



© November 7 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LadyHawke's Land Beyond The to a medieval and peaceful land, where romantic poetry and fine art consumes your soul.
Drift in the serenity and soft music, be at peace with yourself and let love set your heart aglow!

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Queen of Hearts


Three cards she holds in her hand, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades, Jacks all.

Soon it will be her turn to ante, raise or call.

The Jack of Clubs; once she was his Bride,

But it is no longer her wish with him to abide.

The Jack of Diamonds; so named in Pros or Rhymes

For Being a good friend

Is the one on whom she depends.

Should she in these troubled times?

The Knave of Spades; new on the scene

Did her surprise when he opened his vest

Foiled his disguise, this Jack his suit just a lark

The thing that she saw, it beat in his chest

Revealing a heart where she thought there was naught but dark

To her he said, "The sight of you has taken my heart,

Thought by me, no longer capable of being bled

And caused it to pound with blood

Thick hot and red."

Then he took his heart, laid it at her feet.

Why has he done this? She thought looking down from her seat.

I thought it was dead

My heart made of lead

The walls I built around it, now lay in rubble

For by the light of the Queen's eyes was revealed my trouble.

Here lies the repository of my deepest and sincerest feelings and beliefs.

The center and source of my being, emotions and sensibilities.

Afraid to feel, for it may lead to hurt

We must all die someday, so let me live a life with some worth.

Said she, what to do with this heart, beating so loud?

I see you for what you are

Your depth, your warmth; the scar.

So many choices; step on it or leave it to linger

Could she really do such a thing with the crook of a finger?

Better the step, though painful, for to remain feebly alive before dying

is not the fate for which the Jack of Hearts is vying.

It's a promotion he seeks, to join her on the throne.

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"Two Souls Mating"

by Jeph Johnson


We're continuously searching,

Digging deep in times of stress

Immortal due to death of virtue

Made alive with other's happiness. 

But hope runs dry with each transgression

Wetness overflows our well 

Its relevance can transpose Heaven

Or ignite the flickering flames of Hell.

Saving virtue demands patience

Though lust never takes its time

No one's born again in stages

Black cat's lives will number nine.

I still wonder, if indicted

Would salvation post the bail?

Souls are imprisoned when divided

Freedom rings to no avail.

Souls were not designed for mating

You see they cannot reproduce

He who covets hesitating,

Just as they say, is bound to lose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the apathy and refusal of those around me to display unending eros love, despite my obsession trying to prolong its existence long after it has died, 2000, 2017


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