Soul mates

United In The Heavens

Michaels poems

We were united in the Heavens..many lifetimes ago,

Allowed our dreams, we would never forget.

Reunited in this life..for such a brief time,

How my heart aches in this lifetime.

How my spirit longs for the Heavens,

Where we are forever.

Forever will be so wonderful...again

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My mild mannered spirit

hides in plain sight.

Duel identity leading separate lives;

the world see's me flying

while I secretly love you.

My tattered cape, my shield

against the world;

bullet proof heart

against those that mean harm.

I protect you from afar,

even love you.

A fortress full of solitude

that shelters enduring love.

As powerful as I am,

withstanding piercing pain

and a million penetrating bullets;

my sweet soul mate,

my hero

you are my kryptonite.

I will linger behind and be your superhero

and live loving you as you love another.

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All About John


You are a frame;

Inside it is your name.

I hang it on the wall

Where I can see your heart

Pure as gold.

You are a picture

Of fortitude and strength;

Always guiding

Always uplifting

In times of my distress.

You are a painter

Of beauty and loveliness

The simplicity of joy

Through genuine love you depict with ease

My life with you has a new meaning.

Copyright 2007@Leah C Dancel, All Rights Reserved

December 21, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~A dedication to the most understanding Man!

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Here, Now

In another world

We were lovers

We held each others hands

Our hearts belonged to the other

     Our lips would become parched

     From so many kisses

     Our eyes would become crossed

     From the other’s stare

     There were no nightmares

     When we slept

     There were no tears

     When we wept

In another world

Love never ends

But here, now, we are only friends

In another time

“We” was forbidden

A slave that tilled the land

A princess of the kingdom

     My lips were parched from thirst

     You bathed in roses, apart from stone

     Our eyes would never meet

     And my heart would never be known

     There were no nights

     When we were one

     But there were cries

     Though nothing was done

In another time

Our love was forbidden

Here, now, at least we are friends

In another dream

Belonging to someone else

We hold their hearts tight

Embraced as we melt

     You’re lips have someone else they kiss

     They bring him joy

     Her eyes get lost in mine

     They bring me joy

     There are no fears

     While we sleep

     There are no tears

     Why to weep

In another time

Love moves and bends

But here, now, we are friends

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(T. Beechey)

There's sadness in your laughter and tears within your smile

Your before,it has no after and each step you take's a mile

You've searched for any meaning as to why you're here

Now you find yourself leaning on whoever's standing near

There's pain within your pleasure and sorrow in your joy

In your quest for treasure,all you found is just a boy

Who's mistreated and defeated every purpose you've held dear

Now you find yourself unneeded by whoever's standing near

But there's hope on the horizon

Through the clouds,there bursts a light

Keep your eyes to your skies and

Soon you'll see the sight

Of a one-time wondrous vision

That is only meant for you

Then you can escape the prison

You've sentenced yourself to

You've spent your moments hiding from what never comes to pass

And now others are deciding your placement in the class

As you wander through the mazes in the tangles of your world

But there's one who sees displays in the colors that you've swirled

I see the love within your hating just waiting for release

While you spend your time debating if you're worthy of the fleece

That's been laid out before you by a kind and caring soul

You can choose to ignore or do what you know shall make you whole

But it must be your decision

Only you can make the choice

Will you turn aside the vision

Or instead lift up your voice

And claim what has been given

In the hope to set your free

From that moment,you will live in

Love,peace,and harmony

Cause there's hope on the horizon

Through the clouds,there bursts a light

Keep your eyes to your skies and

Soon you'll see the sight

Of a one-time wondrous vision

That is only meant for you

Then you can escape the prison

You've sentenced yourself to

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My Favorite Poems

I have a question.

It's been stowed away in a little, metal, antique box for ages.

I have lost the key to this box,

but maybe you have found it?

It seems that you have many keys.

So do I.

Please, do try one of your keys on my box.

Please see if one will fit.

Have you unlocked it?

Have you read the question?

Because I seem to have found your box.

And please forgive me,

But I have unlocked yours.

And your question seems to be the same as mine.

"Do you love me?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really dont know why I wrote something as wierd as this xD
But I like it kinda...
~*Brittany Ann Beasley*~

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love is true


Did my love for you come back

Or did it never leave

This is the answer I lack

Unsure of what to do

But knownig I love you

With you things perfect

And my love only grew

Forgive for my mistakes

Those I wish I never made

Lack of judgement did me in

Though my love will never fade

In my heart you will remain

Lovong you is what I can do

And always will want too

Time with you just flew

Not regreting any of it

Time with you was heaven

Now I think I'll never quit

Prove to the world my love for you is true

i still love oyu though i dont understand its never going away love you bffl

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Barely Breathing

Barely Breathing....

In the dark

heart still heaving, though worlds apart.

Stolen moments,in their prime. Endless happiness for a time.

When time stands still, and we're all alone.

The sound of your voice my sheltered home.

The tender touches, full of grace.

Gentle look upon your face.

A sweeten kiss, a soften brush.

Forbidden feelings now in a rush.

Silent summons, and solace, kept within the night.

Find us barely breathing by morning light

Holding me close, I lost the fight.

Still here with you by morning bright.

Your arms my prison, your smell my home.

Dangerous longings, the need to go.

Yet you hold me, with beguiling smiles.

unspoken promises now my allure.

Another kiss, sinfully pure. Barely breathing, i, your captive, await.

Wicked promises for another day.

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better off with me

I've ran out of reasons

to hate all the seasons

but i know if you were here

things would be so very clear

i would tell you to feel

what you thought was unreal

you must listen to love's call

you will glisten with it all

you have to see what i see

believe in what i believe

love should not be so empty

you're so better off with me

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