Soul mates

Our Love

When our love came together

It was like nothing I had ever imagined

As you wrapped your arms around me

So did my heart wrap itself around yours

The heat from your love radiates so strong

I will never go cold outside

The wind will not chill me

For you have come along to protect me

And I embrace you forever to care for

'Cause baby, I’ve known all along

From the very first moment our lips touched

That you and I were meant to be

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Better Half

Are you that

Someone who

completes me...

Someone who

is beside me every step of the way...

Someone who

who shares my dreams and believes in me...

Someone who

takes ME, 4 ME, NO CHANGE.... NO NEED!!!

Someone who

will be my Nubian Queen, and be there to sit beside me in our kingdom...

Someone who

If I look at in the middle of the night, nothing but a smile comes to my face...

Someone who

in our children, I will see her, her ways, her values, her looks...

Someone who

whose eyes are a beacon of light and whose smile it breathtaking...

Someone who

comforts instead of complains...

Someone who

feels me with only a look...

Someone who

will take care of me when I am sick, not bcuz I ask, but bcuz she cares...

Someone who

behind this good man, is my great, strong woman

Someone who

who kisses leaving me wanting more...

Someone who

who at first site you had to talk to, who on the first date... you knew was the one...

Someone who

I can write about at the drop of a dime...

Someone who

you are not afraid to tell your boys about or say "I Love You" in front of them

Someone who

your mom knows about b4 you first meet...

Someone who

is intelligent & knows it, who has a sense of humor

Someone who

is going to be my never-ending journey, learn something new each day...

Someone who

can be happy with our life together through all our ups & downs...

Someone who

can be herself and know that is all I am looking for...

Someone who

expects all the above and more... from me

Goes both ways to make each half... better!!

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Dear David :

You blaze with such a vibrant light

that you are,

as intended,

blinded by your own brilliance.


( again intended )

of the blessings you've selected

for this tour in time :

Exceptional intelligence

- a condition that endures

in spite of

your conditioned denial.

Quick, yet reticent wit

- not a patent facet

of intelligence,

but brightened by it.

Physical beauty

- ''el hijo de su madre'',

whose radiance you reflect,

yet refute.

And extraordinary intuition

- your fear of which

is endearingly ordinary -

though intuition is merely illumination

( un-random rays

of the perfectly patient light

conceived to define darkness

. . . and that which is not ).

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I have to keep believing

Believing that you are out there somewhere

I have to keep busy

I have to keep telling myself that this is ridiculous

And illogical to keep waiting

Waiting for a woman I don’t know is out there

Illogical to believe that this person will heal my heart

And will help this world to make sense

So much pressure on someone who has yet to enter my life

--Maybe she has, maybe I’m to busy waiting I forgot about looking

I have made so many plans with others- people I thought were the ‘one’

I thought I found her for sure

And after saying she wanted to marry me, decides she doesn’t love me that way

So I have to keep believing that there is someone enough like me

Like me enough to understand me to hold the same values high

And enough not like me so that we can grow

I have a lot of things I need to get done

And I am getting to the point where I don’t want to bother

I can’t put this kind of time and energy into things if they fall apart

It makes me fall apart too

I have a family already I must warn you

So I am going to want you to be part of mine

I have a son and would love to have some more children

I have been hurt way too much

If you don’t have every intention of staying with me don’t bother

I would have never have loved than to have loved and lost

Because when I love, it’s on a soul level and part of me wants to die when it’s gone

Recently a woman ripped out my heart as if it weren’t a big deal

I think she was just too immature to know what a committed relationship is

What it means to be committed

I maybe young but I am not dumb

I need something – someone

To build a life with

So I have to keep believing

Even though my head keeps telling me its illogical

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You make me....

feel pretty good,

I have to laugh

when I'm in your


You make me...

seriously intense

at times. I feel

quiet when you and

I read together.

You make me...

see things I've never

noticed either about

myself or others

around me. You're

the one who makes

me more aware.

You make me...

appreciate people,

places and things

more and more.You

help me to want to

further educate my

mind. You even

inspire me!

You make me...

love everything

about us being

together.You make

me love you more

and more each day,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

By lilwinky
Written Friday August 12th,2005

This is for MY true love, and he knows just who he is!*GRIN*

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The echoes of your whispers

Breathes a song into my soul

Which,for what seems forever

Was a token

Of past misguided memories

And unrequited anthems

Boldly written on the winds

But never spoken

There is truth within your lies

Hidden by the shadows

Obscured,yet always pristine

And unbroken

Just waiting for a chance

To give a second calling

Of long-forgotten dreams

Now awoken

Now you're free to chase those dreams

That have so long eluded

Always just within your reach

Around the bend

But unseen circumstances

Always seem to surface

To keep you from

The rainbow's golden end

And,as no hopes spring eternal

You find yourself partaking

From the outstretched offered arms

Of a friend

Just to nibble at the remnants

Of the unforgiving silence

Which seldoms yields

Discarded time to spend

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Soul Connect

Make me love you.

Make me feel the way I know you do.

Allow me the pleasure of your touch.

Allow me to feel what I love so much.

Keep me from what scares me the most.

Keep me from your hand's ghost.

Nothing can keep me away from love.

Nothing will take me to heaven above.

Bring me to the moon with your kiss.

Bring me to my knees with your fingertips.

Take me the way that you know I will be.

Take me home with you, with me.

Share your bed with my cold body.

Share your life with my heart beat.

Forget another who has damaged your need.

Forget that for you I would bleed.

Never think about what lies around the bend.

Never ever let this be our end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

killing me softly with his words... killing me softly.... with his song.... and its the only death I want.

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My man

To me

He's tall and sweet

Tells me what I need to hear

People dont appreciate him

But I do

I love the way he looks at me

I love the way he feels

He's so caring

SO passionate

When we kiss

I become lost

And into a new dimension

That's undiscovered

I will love him til I die

I want him there when I cry

HEs my shoulder that I lean on

He's my prince charmng

I'm his princess

IF we make it

STAy together

I swear i won't let him down

I'll never let a good man slip away

Not this time around

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ya i wrote this a while back too! But I rewrote it and made it better!! So the point of this poem is that i wont let this awesome guy slip away!! And i didnt

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my love (00100000)

They are in here.

since the day we met

I knew you were the one

since much time has past

I realize you are my love

now we are together

sweet as the cane

of the last sugar plant

forever together

lost without you I would be

you're my bliss for eternity

everyday thoughts of you

untill we bid adieu

speak we unto each other

thoughts we would tell no other

lasting memior of days past

ending with the very last

laying here

me by your side

all arguments

cast aside

laying here

I watch you die

peacefully into the night

hours till' I arrive

lay I down

one last time

joining you

I am never to arise

we meet again-beloved.

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