Soul mates


Shower me with love

Shower me with affection

As we dance so freely

with no intentions of perfection

closing my eyes as I trace your silhouette

still fine as wine

like the first day we met.

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She walks in beauty

If in my hand I held a star, for everytime she made me smile

I would hold the night sky, mile after mile

She makes me feel immortal when we kiss

All worries thrown, into the ocean's abyss

She is nothing short of my everything

For her I would travel the world, Beaumont to Beijing

For those close to her, there's no need to be nervous

My heart for her, will always be in service

I wish for nothing beyond her smile

Soon she will walk in beauty, gracefully down the aisle

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My love:)

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summer day

that sunny summer day

we laid in the grass under a two trees

one a weeping willow the other a cherry tree

we sat there for hours listening to music and talking

we ate hundreds of those brighte red cherries

but the tree never seemed to run out of cherries

they were sweet and juicy cherries that i couldnt get ove

i loved them you fed a perfectly red one that was sweet

to me

just because you fed it to me...

it seemed better than the others

that sunny summer day

i loved you and you loved me

that sunny summer day

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Untitled -- 6.7.2008


only you

only me

souls embraced

hearts aligned

spirits soar

alive we are

two minds

one power

love eternal

never shall we break...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love you....always.....

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Breaking through forever

My love we have a special thing

and all the happiness it brings

I find it hard to breathe when we are apart

Please know, that you are the sunshine in my heart

If you ever hear, "I'm not completely in love with you"

Have no worries my dear, for I this is simply untrue

Miss is what I do, when I'm not around or think about you

For my heart, my feelings, my thoughts are stuck as epoxy glue

From the time of nervous stomachs, into these times of anxious smiles

Happiness has come full circle, as I picture how beautiful she is as she files

I walk up to this lever, labeled breaking through forever

unrestrained.. I pull it, as we embark on this endeavor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe I have found my soul mate

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What Do you See

  what do you see when you look at me?who do i resemble,who could i be?i see the beauty of a model,and the poise of a queen.the brains of a genius and the imagination of a dream. i see a little diva,maybe a little devil.i see an angel,inside a rebell.

  what do you see when you look at you?do you see someone special or someone true?is there a beauty in your eyes as there is in mine?is there a suttle peace that i should find?

  what do you see when you look at me?do you see a dream or reallity?could you be true if i was true to you?do you see an opportunity to show me you being blue?

  i see a beast in your eyes, i feel cotton in your touch.i see beauty in us cause i love you so much.

  what do you see when you look at me?do you see potential or possibility?could we be more,stronger in our stance?could you give up or give us a chance? do i look reliable,like the "down chick" type?or do you see me caught up in the hype?so look hard, stare into me.penetrate my soul and tell me what you see.

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Heather Rhapsody

i know your eyes

better then i know my own

i've stared at these

memories for so long

my face has changed

you're still the same

that's what i find

in this brand new day


well, meanwhile..

this earth altered

crumbled before

the altar

the don, the pope and the slaughter

this is the last day

i'll look to you

i've got much more

discovering to do

and part of love is

discovering something new

i can't stop the world,


you're love won't die

and it won't live

i can't stop the bleeding

without salting it

and i can't add more salt to these wounds

and i can't add more salt to these ruins

never is where we begin

forever is where we end

nothing lasts

quite like what's buried in the past

quite like what's buried under the past

vehicles are broken

outside the cemetary

so i take a stroll

down a lane called memory


could ressurrect your spirit

and crucify

laugh in your face

and you'd wish i'd die

but i can't hurt you (like i could once)

why do you hurt yourself, and both of us?

i've tried to run before

mostly i've tried to walk

i tried and tried and

blah blah blah

you know i tried some more

despite all those effortless words

it's not for lack of effort,

i've given so much

i can't stop the world,


it's not for lack of effort,

i've given so much

i can't stop the world,


you're love won't die

and it won't live

i can't stop the bleeding

without salting it

and i can't add more salt to these wounds

and i can't add more salt to these ruins

well, i woke this morning

eh, i woke this morning

feeling like life had given it all up

for no purpose at all sweetheart

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Hold You Down


There were many times in my life that I knew I fucked up bad

Times where I thought that I would lose everything I had

But realizing that through it all, you're still around

It makes me happy to know that you're there to hold me down

Now the tables have turned

The roles, reversed

Time has it's habit of being so cruel, even as that day came near

The day before yesterday, I was there drying your tears

As the days seemed as if they've lasted 1 week long

As your father tells you to remain stong

Just know that I won't let you stay down when you fall

I'll be there to hold you up when you can't stand short, I mean, tall

My hands, although firm, will dry away your water soaked frown

Because, like you to me, I'm gonna hold you down

I've always thought of you as the angel that God sent me from above

Ever since the day you and I fell in love

That is one thing out of many that I am sure about

But unsure minds would be full of questions

What happens when that angel loses her glimmer?

Who take care of that angel when she cannot fly?

Who will dry her tears so that she may light her love's fire of inspiration again?

However, only one will know for sure

Until you can shine, I will be your guiding light

Until you can fly, take my hand and I will lift you high

Your tears wiped away so as to not extinguish your fire so that once again, you can inspire

So no tengas miedo

Yo te cuidare

Yo te ayudare

Y vamos a lograr la felicidad para tu y yo

Because now it's my turn to be your angel sent from above

Because this sort of thing epitomizes true, unadulterated love

As I wipe your tears from your frown and as I hold you close

As I whisper in your ear, I'm here

I'm gonna hold you down

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

Michaels poems

Gazing upwards...

Admiring the beauty,

The canvas of darkness...the the celestial wonders.

The stars, strewn throughout the night sky.

Shining so brightly,

Like so many souls radiating their joy throughout the Heavens.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

As i close my eyes...

A gentle calm encompasses me.

Thoughts begin to focus,

My heart begins to fill,

My spirit prepares for flight,

Soon...soon my love...we will be united...

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

And in an instant...the shackles release...

The fetters of this earthly existence.. loosed,

We are free...we are free...

The pain of this realm no more,

We will be united...

Now I Lay Me down To Sleep...

Soaring ever higher...

Burning off the remnants of this terrestrial plain,

The transformation begins,

The infusion...


Not long now, we have almost arrived.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

And then i see you...

I feel never before, i feel you,

Your Beauty...your Love...

All that is you...

I grasp your outstretched hand...tonight we are together,

Our journey for Happiness a success...

Now I lay Me Down To Sleep....I pray the Lord Our souls to keep...

I pray that we always be allowed our dreams...where we can be together...


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