Soul mates

My Lies







Truth Lies,

at the pit of my stomach,

where the expanding ache,



does not make right,

but sheds light,

upon lies.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The greatest proof of love is trust.

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Make Me -OR- Break Me

Love Poetry

arguing over the phone

who loves who more

friends staring and laughing

placing their fingers down their throats

love jolting between fingertips

as fingers intertwine

seemingly only a gesture of love

but the power of being connected

can leave your heart content

pressed up against the walls at school

lips locked and arms surrounding eachother

teachers trying to break you apart

too lost in his/her eyes

to even notice they're there

all the good times that can only

complete your very soul at that moment

are also the ones that hurt

when he/she breaks your heart in the end

its all a repeat of that first time

that love flooded your heart so sweetly

and ripped you apart so cold

until your heart finds its match

even then, there are those similarities

but the unmistakable new feeling in your heart

like its found a whole new world

just inside those new eyes

He/She will tell you those very things

you've heard so many times before

but even with the doubt in your mind

your heart feels the truth...

you've finally stumbled upon the one person

that will never break your heart

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Falling In Love Under The Stars

Love Poetry

A gentle wind soars passed,

caressing her smooth skin.

She quietly shivers

and pulls him closer to herself.

Her eyes lay closed.

soaking in the sounds of nature.

Breathing in his wonderful scent,

which always makes her smile.

Journeying within her mind,

to all the memories past.

Remembering those other nights,

laying here in his arms.

Wondering about what he's thinking,

that beautiful smile on his face.

Taking note of every feature,

how his eyes dance with love.

She takes one hand up,

just to touch his cheek.

With a smile on her face now,

she leans up to kiss his lips.

As their lips finally meet,

passion burns within their hearts.

Clinging tighter to eachother,

their hands explore with gentle touch.

His arm moves upwards now,

removing her bra strap from her shoulder.

Replacing it with another kiss,

as he whispers "I Love You"

She stares deeply into his eyes,

and says it right back with meaning.

They lay down beside eachother again,

as they make love for the first time.

Their love was truely ready,

to withstand the troubles of life.

Still together to this very day,

making love beneath the stars.

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Engraved Within A Heart

Love Poetry

I want to give you forever,

serve it up to the most deserving of my heart.

Follow the request made,

by the engraved center of my heart.

Carved deep within the middle,

is your name, marked forever together.

This love is nothing short of real,

because I have you at my side.

This smile I wear when I hear your voice,

is enough to show I care.

When I am without my darling angel,

I swear, my heart stops beating.

I wish I could show you forever,

with just a promise to you.

My heart being the promise,

forever loving only you.

You are my dream come true,

one with a love so pure.

In you I see that golden heart,

that floods me with desire.

What we have here together baby,

no one could ever tear apart.

Our love is so strong,

and I'd never give up on you.

Just waiting for that day,

when I can jump into your arms.

I'm never going to let go,

I've waited too long for that.

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My Prince With A Heart of Gold

Love Poetry

Drowning in an endless nightmare,

without you i cannot breathe.

Lying alone in my torture chamber,

praying for my release.

Stuck inside of my past,

where dreams fade away.

You have brought back the light

that makes me live each day.

Ripping away every memory,

filling my mind with ease.

To you I owe my life, my love

you brought an ending to my pain.

Reality pulling me down so low,

you've given me angel wings.

Now I soar so high above the world,

that hurt can never reach my soul.

Damaged no more for I have you,

the tears have stopped their flowing.

All my world has found its prince,

with the purest heart of gold.

Seaching no more for I have it all,

you've given my world new light.

I love you more then I could ever say,

I hope my heart reaches you tonight.

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Warm Touch of Almost

Love Poetry

My heart is soaring among the clouds,

I've fallen in that forever kind of love.

Everyday I stare at that beautiful creature,

that stole my breath away.

Wonder what runs through that mind of his,

while he's thinking about me.

Hope he feels eternity in his veins,

at each word that we speak.

My reason for believing in love,

is all that I feel for this man.

Never forgetting for a moment,

that in his heart, I am.

That sound of his voice as he sings,

enough to capture my soul.

Devoted his life to showing me,

just how true this love is.

At night I can even feel,

his arms surrounding me tight.

Imagining his lips so close,

close enough to taste.

Don't ever want to wake up,

from the dreams where I'm with him.

Reality being that cold slap in the face,

reminding me that he's not right here.

Only a few more months left,

until I'm in his arms once again.

I'll never let go of this dream of mine,

that this love is true and will never end.

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In Search of Home

Love Poetry

Laying within the comforts of the fluffy white snow,

I close my eyes and begin to dream.

Taking myself on a journey far away,

where theres pleasure instead of pain.

Traveling across many miles and states

but only inside of my minds eye.

I stumble into your waiting arms,

like I've wanted to so many times in the past.

Your gentle touch soothes my heart,

taking away all of my troubles.

One kiss from your sweet lips,

leaves me breathless next to you.

The snow melts around me slowly,

as I lay there all month long.

Just waiting patiently to be saved,

from everything haunting me inside.

A place to call my own,

where I'm free to be who I am.

Standing with the man of my dreams,

safe within his strong arms.

A time will come for me soon I hope,

where my dreams will all come true.

Lost inside of my lover's soft touch,

I'll finally be at home.

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Heart of Truth

Love Poetry

After every tear drop falls from my eyes,

you always return the smile to my face.

Precious to my heart is this love

that so consumes my mind.

Everything that you do for me,

fills me with happiness and love.

Devoting your life to loving me,

I feel so undeserving of you.

Your heart of gold shines brighter

standing next to this tattered one.

What is it that you can see in me

that makes this woman so beautiful?

Could it be the same things that I see

inside of you, all that beauty contained?

Waiting deep down inside to be set free

for all of the world to finally see?

Glance into the mirror, can you

possibly see all that I can see?

The love that surrounds your soul,

and the beauty that radiates from you.

Stand up and be proud my love

of all that you have become.

I will devote every moment to showing you

how beautiful you truely are, inside and out.

Never doubt my words to you,

they come from my heart of truth.

I'd walk across a thousand miles,

just to sit down beside you.

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A Scar is Born

Goodbye for now,

I'm loosing my grip as tomorrow sinks in our lost love's contaminated quicksand.

Transparent skies and innocent eyes fate failed to allow,

Pleading with the corrupted clocks to cease the vexatious tick tocks in my mind and to amputate their Herculean hands.

We thought that our emotional wounds over time would heal, but we kept picking at the sensitive scars,

You tore my heart open, hoping to find a shiny silver key, but we still remain locked behind unbreakable prison bars.

We dodged most of the bullets and bombs, but one must have managed to hit its projected target,

Spending so much time planning our poisoned our vibrant future we can unfortunately forget.

Operation Opaque Omega succeeded according to plan, shooting out the streetlamps and blindfolding us with the white flag we waived so there's no hope to see the livid light,

As I dig our relationship's grotesque grave, wipe the toxic tear from my arid eye and give me one last kiss "goodnight".

Crack my ribs open like a fortune cookie and repair this hand grenade heart,

Whispering this chorus of commitment has only ended up drifting us further apart.

The wishbone breaks and the smaller half remains in my hand as my heartstrings come undone,

Hoping that our love will come full circle and start anew at square one.

Hello again,

I'm regaining confidence as we peacefully leave our footprints in yesterday's quixotic quicksand.

We both knew that we would eventually reunite, it was merely just a matter of when,

Seems like forever since I've caressed your angelic face and held your delicate hand.

Over time our battle wounds have healed, for we little troopers didn't give up without a majestic fight,

Now I can fall asleep with a smile on my face as I hold you close...gently kissing you on the cheek and whispering in your ear "goodnight".

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