Smile upon

Is but one thing to call this stormy night
Stormy night is two
But me calling it such
doesn't make it true

I've never felt so free
It's so beautifully simple
it's as rooted as a tree

Sometimes we may think we can be anything but free

But in truth
you can't do anything but be

fill your lungs with this so called air
And do nothing else
but just be here
and never look elsewhere.

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My Immortal


In life, you were beautiful
Your smile brought light where there wasn’t any
Your laugh dispelled any doubts
Your kiss forgot all pain
My whole life was based on you
I loved you

But time took it’s bitter toll
And you were taken away from me
Although I cannot see you
I know you’re still here
Haunting me
Never leaving me alone in my grief

One day I’ll join you my love
And then we’ll be reunited
Brought together again
Like missing pieces finding their place
And on God’s white shores
Where time touches reality
Where death has no sting
Where the angels sing with you now
I’ll hold you again
And kiss you
Forgetting all the past pain
And I love you still
My Immortal

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Your Smile

Your smile,
The smile that my eyes crave for
Always yearning for another day
Another chance for these eyes to feast upon
Such a glorious sight

Your smile,
The smile that makes this fragile, little heart
Beat with passion, so strongly and furiously
And with fear, so softly and weak
All at the same time

Your smile,
All I ever need is but a glance
To calm the storms in my soul
Rid the demons in my head
And ease this troubled mind

Your smile,
Would need hundreds of pages
Filled with beautiful words
And structured in perfect lines
Just to be described

Your smile,
The smile that my eyes would yearn for
As I lay there cold and brittle
Gasping for my last few breaths of air
A perfect last sight

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Giving Self


Why do I give
Myself to you?

Maybe it’s that
Crooked smile of yours

Maybe it’s the way
Your eyes change colors

Or maybe it’s the way
You hold me so tightly

Mayhap its just your
Way of saying sweet nothings

So I am left to wonder
Upon all of this

So then why do I
Give myself to you?

I know there is one
Reason that I do,

Because I am yours

Written on
March 17, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has an interesting start. I was watching '2:13' and part of that movie they were talking about Shakespeare and part of his poem just hit me and made me write this. The line was this,

'Why do I give myself to you?
For I am yours',

so I took that line and ran with it.

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Santa Says

Its Christmas soon,
Bring a smile to all like a moon,

Make one feel his day is great....
Give all your love by removing the hate...

Santa will loving come near and say,
“God loves you a lot by night and by day”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's in Santa's Heart!!

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My Work

Cobalt storms; not azure skies,
predict changing seasons.
Vague ambiance of lies,
waltz with fated reasons.
So tug upon the corners,
try to veil the smile.
Gather all ye mourners,
weep for her awhile.

He knows that she flows,
rivers channel deep.
But ocean's floor below,
caress his troubled sleep.
Golden pair;wounded dreams,
silently entreat.
Moments slide between the screams,
stranded in the heat.

She can't draw inside the lines,
of howling winds deranged.
And up ahead; ominous signs,
the highway looks so strange.
But he can hold her brave will;
in his hands so tenderly,
not even strong enough to still,
his mind she cannot free.

He is the lust to breathe and fly;
his wings stay unused,
within her voice; an angel's sigh,
but the melody, confused.
When questions birth insanity;
saline begs for more.
But he can only hear and see,
the vision behind the door.

And he will toss; and he will turn,
until his eyes are bright.
But in the loss of orgasmic burn,
the other sighs in the night.
He cannot wait; the world is open,
quiet, he leaves the bed.
Heart is faith; pulse is broken,
but his soul must be fed.

With trembling hands;he gasps to feel,
her curves and body light.
Silken strands and he must kneel;
to deliver here tonight.
He hears soft cries;for all too soon,
the other is in pain.
As his soul dies; behind the moon;
denying need again.

Have you ever had to choose;
one over the other?
And you knew that you would lose,
giving up one lover?
Life is a composition;
he strives to hear the source.
He must create; orchestrate,
passion is the the force.

When you read this piece of art;
you may think me wrong.
But I've heard the rhythm of this young man's heart,
and the music keeps him strong.

As he grows closer to his wife;
it's the stuff dreams are made of.
But from now til the end of of his life;
he's alive in guitar love..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My son, in the Air Force, loves his new wife, but oh my.....that guitar beckons in the moonlight.

Trust yourself :)

People come and go
Giving you affection
You can always catch a smile
From their direction
Lending you a shoulder
That you can cry on
They'll see your sad face
And throw some light on

But when you're all alone
When you're on your own
There is just one person
You should never miss on
This quiet voice inside your head
Will always help you get ahead

When the waves of the unknown hit you
And you need someone to look up to
Skip those falling tears
Get rid of all your fears
Just put a smile
Upon your pretty face
To put it all in place

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In my head and soul

I wish I could shed a tear,
Instead all I feel is fear,
For all i want to be,
The places i need to see,
Why am I this way,
I can't get out this bay,
That is my head and soul,
I'll just take a stroll,
In someone elses shoes,
Maybe even listen to the blues,
Cos I need to feel free,
Without any plea,
To make life happen,
It's all so misshapen,
At this point in time,
I'll take the climb,
Right to the top,
I wont stop,
Untill I'm there,
This I declare,
I shall love, laugh, smile,
Through every single mile,
From here untill the end,
That is what I intend,
Just stay here near by,
And don't ever lie,
About what this is,
I'm not his,
But only yours,
Open the door's,
And just let me in,
Who cares where we've been,
Thats all behind now,
Somehow you make me vow,
That I'll always be there,
My heart you'll repair,
This I know,
That love will grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one took about 20 minutes. Feedback would be great !!

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Smiling generations.

His smile stern,
barely seen,
so much pain,
so much love,
a world he’s felt,
so horrid,
so beautiful.

So innocent her smile stretches oceans,
bursting with joy,
so ignorant of evil,
so easy to love,
she makes you tear,
for your last love and hope.

She’s more skeptical,
it hurts,
she starts seeing the clues,
the little things,
the horror,
the trickery,
the human.

He could run circles around you,
he can jump up and down for hours,
with no rest,
he might fight you,
but in the end he’s going to hug you,
unconditionally love you.

Her smile subtle,
only he smiles less,
she’s seen,
she’s felt,
but she hopes,
she prays,
she believes,
she is.

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