In my head and soul

I wish I could shed a tear,
Instead all I feel is fear,
For all i want to be,
The places i need to see,
Why am I this way,
I can't get out this bay,
That is my head and soul,
I'll just take a stroll,
In someone elses shoes,
Maybe even listen to the blues,
Cos I need to feel free,
Without any plea,
To make life happen,
It's all so misshapen,
At this point in time,
I'll take the climb,
Right to the top,
I wont stop,
Untill I'm there,
This I declare,
I shall love, laugh, smile,
Through every single mile,
From here untill the end,
That is what I intend,
Just stay here near by,
And don't ever lie,
About what this is,
I'm not his,
But only yours,
Open the door's,
And just let me in,
Who cares where we've been,
Thats all behind now,
Somehow you make me vow,
That I'll always be there,
My heart you'll repair,
This I know,
That love will grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one took about 20 minutes. Feedback would be great !!

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