Something about this

makes me want to

fall into the sky,

dream with the same head

that can be drowning.


I am carrying my weight

in gold and little gifts

but I can’t bring happy

to some places.


And I breathe in a little every day

but there is only so much air

that will fit

before I leave a little behind.


And I will love you

but there are days I build bridges

and there are days I set fires.


On the days I feel more lost

than memories in the darkness,

than my thoughts in your sleep,

than a century,

I can call on

every time you’ve held me

and paint the ground open with purity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/19/17

T.R.O.Y. (The Ruins Of You)


I stand in the ruins of you
carrying the casket
of the memories of us
a cradle of holy affection and love.
Here lie the shattered 8 months
of unison prayers, 
jeepney banters,
subtle, orgasmic whispers,
the euphoria of meeting your mother,
and the dreams we built 
on midnight kisses and sacred moans.

The pen you gave me
still holds
its allegiance to you
refusing to spill its ink
thriving on its own will
I grapple it by its neck
and watch it slowly faint.

Lonely hearts from the start,
we relished the thought of a lasting love.
Two candles burn
when two lovers pray.
On our very first date,
I cursed on how you made me wait.
On our very last day,
I prayed that He would make you stay.
People say first impressions last
But you had me only at second glance.

Sober fools in a clandestine night
we laughed and walked for hours and miles
You, holding my bag
Me, holding your hand.
This was before his ghost haunted you
alive and well.
This was before in between hours,
you’d forget my whispers
and long for his.
This was before your friend 
called me to say,
“Just let him go. Love is not supposed
to work this way.”

The dark clouds came
and never left.

I stand in the ruins of you,
claws clutching to the ground,
eyes beaten and tired,
feet still shackled 
with the ropes you gave me last June
and every inch of them is an untold story
and each story is a blow to my head.
Love is but a slowly unfolding agony.
I untangle these shackles I tied myself to.
I begin to remember 
the life I built around you and me,
the dreamy kisses,
the day I met your friends and family,
the night I got so drunk
you had to forget our fight
to come and get me,
the night you got so drunk
you had to forget our fight
to say you still love me.
But the high wasn’t worth the agony
of knowing that at my lowest point,
confined in a hospital,
covered with punctures,
you successfully abandoned me;
of carrying a bleeding heart every day
and hoping it won't leak;
of feeling the sands of time slip
away from your grasp,
along with all your hope and chance;
of finally choosing to live through hell
hoping that your lover would remember
the warmth of an earthly heaven
you built for yourselves and once lived in.
of knowing that the memory of us
would later turn to dust
and I am to collect them
with bare hands.
The walls of this temple begin to shatter
I am no longer your prisoner.
I stand in the ruins of you,
claws clutching
on crumpled bed sheets,
rubbles of your promises,
residues of your gifts,
pictures torn to pieces, 
my handwritten notes
a hundred poems, 
a thousand letters
and the ashes of our bodies.
I spread my wings 
and begin to rise
and look up for the clouds
The dark clouds that came
never left.
But I am.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about moving on.

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I’ll buy this place

even when I know it’s already catching fire,

see it burn so I can say

for once

I haven’t wasted my time.


I’ll buy this place full of future ash,

breathe it in just to say

for once

I’ve made something a beautiful part of me.


I can’t seem to command this heart

so once again I find myself

putting you back in poetry.


Trust me,

you are not

stronger than me

you are just stronger

than who I thought I was.


I am on the giant’s ladder

inside this house

and I didn’t know how much of a reach it was

until I found you and grew three sizes too perfect.


Remember that place?

It made a gorgeous sky-high fire,

we made a gorgeous sky-high fire,

they could see it

for miles around.


They whispered it

as the flames went down.


They spoke it like a drug

into every pool and valley,

every footstep when

they ran into each other.


They wove it into the colorful lips

of the world’s best storytellers.


They called it

something they had never seen before.


Maybe if we weren’t

so damn quick

to call ourselves each other’s burdens.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/12/17

A Painted Picture


Verse 1:

Our love is a painted picture

in it, are our memories made together

I can only show you all that I am

I can promise you that you're the one

If only you'd give our love a chance

Don't mistake lust for love

'Cause I truly love you



I need you here in my arms

Together forever, always with each other

Let's not fear our obstacles of this love

It only has strengthened us

it brought us closer together

to make our love better

Verse 2:

Our love is a painted picture

hold me tonight

'Cause I'm eternally your's to keep

For life, love, and more



Just call on me

and i'll be there

our love is a painted picture

Happy moments are yet to come

take me by the hand

i'll guide you

through dante's infereno



I am sorry

you get


on my



on my



I am sorry

you have


to be jealous about


to lose


The blades

on my


will not

take sandpaper


The sounds

in my


will not

take no

for an answer


All the truth

I could tell

spells out for you

I can’t stand anything

I can’t change


so quiet is

the only place

I know how

to be sorry

I will try to

shout it to the sky

for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/8/17

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Dying Is Easy


Slip under

my skin, my armor,

my toys, my words,

be my eyes, my pride

I lie like an expert

and love like no one.


You are the voice I wish I could have

the messiest doorway I don’t have to duck under

because something in me knows

how many times I’ve been through it,

it’s late and this song is for you.


I don’t know how long

it will take me to sing,

I don’t know how tall

everything I give you stands.


Dying is easy-

it’s living that scares me to death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/5/17

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This is the house that she built


When I am a shipwreck

you find the right pieces

that haven’t been torn up

and tossed around too long.


Your hands keep me grounded,

I collapse like a raindrop

something trapped in the empty I leave behind

I want it to be something worth seeing.


I give my shaking sins a name

in your desire to pin my soul,

I know how to let myself go

trust some of my blueprint with you.


When I am crumbling

you remind me I am not even complete,

we shatter then we solve,

we break then we build.


I thought I would make it to dry land

but when I found myself here instead

I am in the storm,

I am laughing in the lifeboat.


Your hands hold me together,

I swear sometimes I can hear them saying

we are not finished building you yet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/22/17

Chance pt.2


Maybe it was chance that you were

exactly what I needed you to be.


You found me when I was lost

and helped fix me when I was broken.


Maybe fate told you to save me from myself.

I can’t say for sure.


All I know is that every day with you

I’m glad chance brought us together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/2/17

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I am smaller than

you know yourself to be


hold me closer than

you know how to


hold you closer than

I think I have


and they press against

the walls and

whisper about



I will put it right under their eyes

I have cared less


more to lose


I am not

scared of falling

I am terrified of


the ground


so many days I can’t remember

and even more I can

they all last

with you

so I will love like I

will never



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/16/17