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Back to You

Verse 1:

Someday, I'll find a way

Back to you.

Shine on me.

I'll be on my way tonight.

Someday, these words and feelings

Will mean a thing to you.



I never had a dream come true

Until the day I met you.

So, tell me if we're better off as friends

Or lovers of the future?

Hold me tonight,

'Cause I cannot help missing you.


Verse 2:

If you can make me somebody,

Can you take on me?

Take me with you.

This heart, mind, and soul

Belongs to you.

Why do you make me so?



Day by day,

I think of us,

If you can take me on,

I'll be your everything.

If you love me,

Show me

What I cannot see.

For, I'm your's to keep.

For eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs referenced throughout song (in no particular order):

1) "Take On Me" - a-ha

2) "Take Me On" - New Heights feat. Clara C

3) "Mine to Keep" - Alex Kaneko

4) "Follow You" - Bring Me The Horizon

5) "Never Had a Dream Come True" - S Club 7

6) "Shine On Me" - Oceanlane

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Are you happy?

Are you happy?

Or are you blind?

Its not too late

To open your mind


Our idea of happiness

Is an illusion

Our idea of justice

Is an accusation

Our idea of beauty

Is lost in the confusion.


Are you happy?

Or are you blind?

Its not too late

To open your mind.


A life only matters

If it changes another.

Money is meaningless

Power is feelingless


We kill one another

And we call it justice

Or We call it murder

But how is one

Different from the other.


Are you happy?

Or are you blind?

Its not too late

To open your mind.


What is beauty?

Being small and skinny?

Or fake and phony?

You cant see it with your eyes

For thats all lies

Because its whats on the inside

That shines so bright


A life only matters

If it changes another.

Money is meaningless

Power is feelingless


We kill one another

And we call it justice

Or We call it murder

But how is one

Different from the other.

When a brother kills a brother

And a son kills a mother

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Nothing is more?(Part 1)

Nothing is more?

On this island laid a man

who knew not of a world, but only of trees and the sand


The ISLAND was HIM, and HIM the ISLAND



He would sing to the clouds

dance when the rain came down

Talk to the trees as the wind gave them sound

Swim in the ocean when the waves came around

Play with the sand and would give it a pound

Eat to his fill then would sleep on the ground

He did what he wanted no rules were allowed!


He beard no prejudice, no love, no hate

No aspirations, no accomplishments, no ambition, no haste

No weight, No height, No pride to stain 

No hunger, no sadness, no happiness, no pain

No gender, no lust, nor stature or name 

No religion, no knowledge, no vein

Nor race or ethnicity. He had just worn his face!



On this fated day in the horizon

A odd figure came to the island

It moved closer and closer as it reached the shore

A traveler saw the man and came forward!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is part 1. If people like the poem I will continue it. 

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the life they chose

This life ain't meant for me
I'm not close to the man I wanna be
Why is it so hard for you to see
That all I want in life is to live free

Please nigga look up in the sky
So u can see all the kids that had to die
With dreams of being able to fly
Now they look down and watch their mommas cry

All these kids so anxious to claim blue or red
There's not a day passed that one of those kids ain't dead
I try to warn them I hope they heard what I said
But when I watch the news I hear another one of those kids took one to the head

This shit makes me so mad I swear
The sad part is these kids don't even care
Until there friends are no longer their
And now all they can do is scream its not fair

I'm trying to warn yo ass
Theirs gonna be alot of tests in life I hope you pass
I don't wanna see you end up like the last
Bullets dont have names and they coming to fast
But Am I the person you wanna be
Always looking over my shoulder cause I swear someone's trying to kill me
This ain't the life for you I can see
So please run away from this life so I don't have to see another kid on t.v.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made thus poem with my life in mind. I'm in a gang cause I had no one to turn to. Its not the life for lot of people and I see so many innocent people die over it.

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The Left and Rights



In life there is two things
the right and left
where right is a good thing
and where left is wrong

There exist a man
who only knows one thing
that is the rights that he did
but are lefts what other sees

Why must he suffer from this
if only good is what he knows
the only thing that he do
but not what others see

He may struggle in life
others may let him down
but the goodness in his heart
what makes him stand

He knows his right and lefts
He doesn’t rant from what others see
instead he just kept going
to the right path of what he sees

He does not care what others think
He cares for what he did
He knows it’s for the good
He knows it’s for the best

Even as other sees darkness in him
what the truth lies inside him
the right of his left
what makes him shine in light

He may die like this but at least he knows
that he did the right thing even without any compensation
because goodness is what others feel
 and not what others see

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What is normal?

What is life? How does one live? Is there a wrong or a right? Someone provide me an insight how to live, to act, to dress, to feel, to be "normal". 

What is "normal"? What do I have to do? To be the person that makes everyone happy, to have peace in myself, to not "stand out", to... Well.. Be normal. 
Am I the chosen few? Am I a freak? People say I'm unique, and for that I guess I should be proud.
I guess I am "normal" to myself. To the ones that really matter that really care. 
I guess everyone else can go to hell.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life in general, how do I live it?


Beat of a generation

Soul of a man

What is the axis of Society?

Self expression or Conformity

Life without Art is not really living

Scribbles on a napkin

Doodles in a textbook

Art cannot be escaped 

Acknowledge the art in life and begin to really


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