Reciprocated Love

Band Lyrics


Verse 1:

Even while I’m gone:

 Where’d you go?

When someone will take my place,

Wherever you will go, I will go there too.



 Whenever we’re alone,

Our song plays in the background.

You’re swimming in peace for so long

‘Cause I’m drowning in your tears.


Verse 2:

‘Cause babe, the possibilities are endless.

I surrender, I surrender my heart to you.

Been living a lie for much too long.

I’ll see you again once the stars fade away.



While waiting for you,

I see you again

In the parking lot…

It’s where we’re finally free



 It’s just only my heart

Wipe those tears away.

I know that this is how you feel

Now that I realized what you feel,

I’ll reciprocate them for you.

Though, it’s a little too late. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2014. Will share more from 2014 since I wrote 50+ songs that year in a few months time


Verse 1:

Holes in my heart

Become scars of the past.

A scarlet letter

Is what you see.

I count down the days

From losing you.

You're still a bullet in my heart now.



With each breath that I take,

I miss you more.

With each passing day,

Not a day goes by

THat I don't think of you.

I hold you close to my heart.

I wonder if you feel the same


Verse 2:

Find me here in your arms.

The holes in my heart

Are like bullets.

They will ricochet

Whenever we're apart.



Is this what you wanted?

You're my remedy.

For the holes and 

Bullets in my heart.

I feel safe

Whenever we're together.


Verse 1:

I never had a love like this

this time, it feels so right

With you by my side

we'll brave through this hurricane together

love is what we found

in each other



The winds blow heavily at us

Look at the stars out there

They shine whenever we're together

You know me well but

tell me what it is

that you feel


Verse 2:

I get lost in this hurricane with you

I get lost wherever you go

Since you are my love

I won't wander anymore

I love you is all I can say



Our love is tested through time

It bends,it breaks, it heals

until you take me on

I won't let you go

you're my hurricane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Hurricane" symbolizes strength, wisdom, power, destruction, etc that a lover can hold but you trust them not to hurt you like others have done in the past.