Heaven or Hell

Band Lyrics

Heaven or Hell

Verse 1:

Through hell and back,
I’d spill out my heart to you.

Here, in our hearts

Are fragments of a heaven.



I spent my days fading away

Like your memories

Memories of us resurfaces.

The way I fell in love with you

Is all coming back to me now.


Verse 2:
Our safe haven: where has it gone?

With my eyes open,

I’ve been bruised, numbed, bent, and broken.

Can you help me carry on again?



Bury me.

Carry me.

Away, away, away.

Lead me to heaven.



Anything but ordinary.

I followed you into the dark

Where the pain dissipates

 Into our bones.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song written in 2014. One of many. Band lyrics.



Will you write when I’m gone?


I listen to all the noise you’ve caused inside of me.

I only know part of what I’ve done to you.

If I leave will your words follow me?


It doesn’t seem that impossible.


But as soon as that sentence ends

I am walking

I see you

on every corner.


Every Rubik’s cube,

every blanket,

every beat.


Your imprints on me.


I close my eyes.


The words will stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/22/17

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you were a shock once two eyes like glowing lights

i sit there turn the pen around you made me think twice

i cross my legs uncross my arms cross t’s and dot the i’s

i can’t say much i think too much i can never tell you why


why my hands are prone to tremble when you ask me once again

lean against me take my fingers lead them to your hair and then

i can’t make your words mean more than they ever have been

the fire burns at 4am i sit and know the day should end


so many early mornings i love and hate the sleepless nights

i sit there turn the pen around you made me think twice

i cross my legs uncross my arms cross t’s and dot the i’s

i still can’t say much think too much i can never tell you why


tell me to stay tell me your secrets i tell you you don’t want to know

but i stand there in a crowd and reach back to where you go

i can’t make the sun rise faster i can’t make him want you home

all i can do is blush and stay you don’t have to be alone


my mind is made up but my fingers draw outside the lines

i sit there type the words because you made me think twice

i cross my legs uncross my arms cross t’s and dot the i’s

i still can’t say much so i don’t think and finally tell you why


why i wait so long to reach for things and don’t trust what i say

why there’s a magnet in you i can’t seem to stay away

why all you need is one word and i melt and drown and stay


why i’m so lucky to be the one to keep you this way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/21/17

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60 Seconds Part 2

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

Eyes wide, lips stopping

60 seconds is all I need

For this story.

I don't doubt

That you took me away.

You made me look for you.



Let me inside you

'Cause I know your story.

60 seconds is all I need.

I didn't hug you that day.

But you're a story

That's enough for me.


Verse 2:

I don't doubt it.

I saw your heart

Not so long ago.

You made my heart flutter.

My lips are at a loss for words.

So, I can only look at you

As you look for me

In your dreams.



60 seconds is all I need

For this story.

My two stories:

My hot and cold times,

Memories of which,

You gave me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on "60 Seconds" by Kim Sung Gyu (of INFINITE) and my own personal experiences with dream guy. I'm hopelessly in love.

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A Lie

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
If only your heart can see me,

Words have become meaningless.

My spirit is drying up.

Will you be there

Even if I lose myself?


Scars were left on that day.

Cold and indifferent words

Made me realize that I'm still a fool

For believing in you.

I depended on you

While you had someone else in mind.


Verse 2:

Even if everything between us changes,

My love for you remains.

Because I'm a person

With whom, love is everything,

Now, throw it away.

Now, I shall say goodbye to us.

Goodbye to our memories.

For, everything was a lie.

Lies everyone believed.



All those lies 

You told me

Made me fall for you.

Why am I a fool for love?

Take it all away.

I shall let you go now

Because reality finally set in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a relationship with a Cluster B personality....Whether it is familial, loving, friendship, etc. It's toxic and dangerous to love an abuser.

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Your eyes half closed.

Tell me the story

of how you fell in love with me.



it starts like this-

I don’t know how.


All I know is

you stole my head,

my heart,

my hands.

(My sleep.)


It’s like the ride changes every time,

little details that haven’t made it off my lips,

haven’t taken themselves

out of my heart.


When I’m tired of being sober

I want to waste every breath that falls toward you

even when gravity has taken the day off

and I am so far below your space.


We are getting older.

We are going somewhere.

We are giving up if you hold it against me.


So once again I find myself wrapped around you

when darkness falls.

You whisper again,

Tell me the story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/28/17

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Love Wont't Last the Night

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
If our love can last the night,

Take your time for all the love you'll give.

I know in the end, we'll be together.

Best believe it, babe:  we're in love.

If you just take your time on us.

If you just take a chance on us.

I'll sing my heart out to you.



I never thought of what I said in years

Until it dawned on me that evening.

Help me move on without you.

Maybe, I'll call you to see

Where this will all lead.

It's better late than never.

Our love can last the night

If only you'd let me in.



Though, I'm afraid that you made

My world goes round. 

I know that our love won't last the night.

If it does, it's fate's play on us.

Maybe, I'm amazed by the way you are.



If our love won't last the night,

I may have the strength to face it all.

I used to believe in a world of our own

Until you left me waiting.

Dangle me by the strings,

You're my puppeteer.

Our love will last the night.

Use me as you will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reply to Oceanlane's "Love Won't Last the Night", to be honest, and Oceanlane's "I May Be"

Take Your Time

Band Lyrics
Verse 1:
Take time ‘cause time ticks
It still goes on long after we’re gone.
I cannot wait on you forever.
Take on me.
Take a chance on us.
Take your time ‘
Cause I’ll be waiting
With open arms and eyes.
You’re tugging at my heartstrings.
They’re coming all undone.
I can wait if you take your time.
Take me away from here.
All I want is a place
Where we can be together.
This love found me here.
Verse 2:
Take your time to figure it out
What it is that you feel.
I’ll be here waiting.
Sooner or later,
You’ll realize it should have been me.
Love found me here.
Until you take me on,
I don’t want to do this alone.
Take your time on us.
It’s a beautiful life
That we’ve got.
Smiling and speaking,
I thank God for you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is a response song to Buddy Holly's "Take Your Time". Enjoy?!

Eternally Your's 1

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’ve buried my life with lies
False expectations of what they want
Instead of what I want
Now, it’s time for the mask to come off.
I shall confess to you
That I love you.
I’m eternally your’s

Chorus: Eternally your’s,
Hold onto me
Let the masks off
You cannot fool me babe.
Your eyes speak of our love.
Eternally Your’s

Verse 2: You say that you fell for me

Or was it me that fell for you?

Even if I lose myself,

Would you still be there?

Even if we end up on different paths,

Would you still be there?

Eternally your’s

Bridge: You said you were hurting

And I let you go.

Listen to the sounds of my heart:

Can you hear it?

All I can tell you is:

You gotta listen.

Listen to your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about two lovers who still are in love with each other, but, for some reason, broke up due to the circumstances. They’ll always love each other and have love for each other but they may be better off as friends than lovers if they ended up on different paths. It’s essentially about a relationship turned into a friendship.

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