Verse 1: Day by day/In my heart/It’s always you/So, come back to me/I won’t ask why you left/Or what you did
Chorus: My only wish/My only regret/Is letting you go/”I love you” wasn’t enough for you/Still, I hold onto you/In my heart/Can you hear me now?
Verse 2: With nothing to give/I hold onto you/I’m missing you/Because I could not/Say those words/We broke up
Bridge: Still, I imagine you/by my side/I promise my life for you/I cherish my life with you/Won’t you come back/to the one who waits for you/now, you’re so far away/you’ve become just a faded memory in my mind
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About my first love.

I am

The First One.

scared that’ll fall for you.
am scared to kiss you, cause am scared I might just miss you
am scared to hug you, feels harder to not hold you tighter
am scared to miss you, because it means I just might NEED YOU
am scared to laugh with you, feels like it won’t be just the two
am scared to cry for you, means I might just have TO lie to you
but what scares me the most, Is that am so scared to LOVE you
because if I do I might just close my eyes and just see US two
AND FORGET, forget, forget
THE reason for being so scared
forget, that I’ll just get HURT.

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Tell Hope

The First One.

How does one know when it’s right?
When winter finally changes to spring and the sun shines a little brighter
Or does the day just turn into night?
And one wonders can I ever go back to when it was lighter?
When do I let go?
Please, how do you know?
Tell me to let go of hope
Or do I keep fighting,
Fighting for what used to be?
I don’t know I really don’t, I wish one of these days I could just see
But I guess I’ll have to be patient with what my heart decides happens to me.

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