I know that if I asked

You would run away with me.

You’d be willing to lay the world at my feet,

And give me everything that I’ve ever hoped for.


You don’t want to pull me off the track that I’ve laid,

But I don’t have a set path.

Nothing is set in stone here.

I’m paving as I go.


There are days when I want to run away.

I want to take you to the place where there are no worries.

You would follow me if I asked,

But I can’t let myself take you away.


You have a wonderful life ahead of you

A bright future with the world for your taking.

I don’t know what’s in store for me,

Or if I’ll do anything worth mentioning.


I want to go away from here

The lights are too bright

And the pressure is too great

I dream of away.


Maybe one day I’ll ask you

To run away with me.

Maybe you’ll say yes

And leave everything else behind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/27/17

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I lost her


I yearn for you,

But we're, sitting in silence and im just trying to catch a word of your thoughts,

Are you thinking about me?

Do you even still think about me?

Brutal heartbreak, how much can one heart take,

You sleep naked infront of me and my eyes search your body for the scars that I left,

I want to, be inside of you and heal you from within,

I want to,

I want to bend you over and,

I want to, but,

I am not your enemy,

I am not your friend,

I'm everything I couldn't be for you,

And everything that I'm not, within.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forever my Taco

If he only Knew

As he sleeps in the middle of night

I stare at his body and think of where are we going

I love this man with all my heart but sometimes

I want to end this relationship

It is like a ship sinking at sea

I want to be free from this oppression

He does not see that I am dying inside

I am burning deeply with this love

Free me and touch me again

Let be together until the end of days  

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wait, tell me


you almost

left when I

almost didn’t tell you I’m sorry


you almost

closed when you

almost missed the dents in my skin


you almost

came back to haunt me


wait, tell me


tell me how I left a permanent mark

how you think I’m what you need


tell me how it’s all about the timing


wait, tell me


tell me how you lost your mind


I almost

missed the train

the moment I

could have turned away


I almost

dropped all my cards

on the railroad tracks

lost the blood on my fingers


I almost

missed you

without knowing it


wait, tell me


tell me how sitting here we are the vulnerable

how that could be a good thing


tell me how there are places we won’t be found


wait, tell me


tell me how you’re the best part of the mess


tell me how I must have lost my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/10/17

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Something To Believe In


I want to have unlimited time to hold

all the things you are

now that I know you.


Now that I know

where north on my compass points

no matter which way I turn.


Now that I know

how to link your fingers

in a thunderstorm

so you don’t even feel the rain.


Now that I know

you see monsters and fairy tales and horizons,

I strike chords and matches and out again.


Now that I know

you hear voices and crackles and silence,

I run races and ragged and someday out of time.


Now that I know

you have held breaths and stories and hands,

I have dreamed worries and love notes and how you would look at me.


Now that I know

we love and cry

in the same world.


I have more to believe in

when I have you

but I only have so much space to think

sometimes I forget my own name

so I can remember what you mean to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/7/17

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When I lie with you so long

I trip over the stumbling stars in your eyes

and you don’t even know how hard you try,

but when my cracks show

your eyes reflect things that don’t work.


I am a tourist in my own skin on the verge of breaking down

I melt into puddles and

I turn sticky saltwater into lonely and lonely into aimless and aimless into uselessly busy,

I turn lonely into a lifestyle.


And I know I built this tower around you

but you’re a terrible altar,

an amazing cliff.

I will fall with my valuables but won’t give them to you.


I will set the cracks in my own arms and lean on you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/27/17

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Verse 1:

Our love is like an ignition switch

Once it is lit, it burns eternally

I'll be yours to keep

and you: mine to keep



If only you'd realize

my love for you

Things wouldn't be

what they are now

Tell me,

if this is a fantasy

or reality with you

'Cause I need to know

if I'm hanging on/for nothing


Verse 2:

Get in line

with the rest

'cause your love

ignited my heart



Your love is all I need

'Cause without you

I was a wanderer

Now, you caught me off guard

your love is my sin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ignition symbolizes the burning passion and desire that two lovers want of each other....That their love is eternal and will last.

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Expectations vs. Reality


I like to say I don’t have expectations, but the truth is I do. I often don’t know what they are, I just take in the realities and don’t think until I look back and figure out what I thought. And I never end up thinking what I’m supposed to think.


I do not kiss her back when my head my heart my body is screaming to. I let her think this is not what I was expecting, not what I want. This is not a movie. But the next time I kiss her it explodes.


I do not pin her against the wall in one smooth motion like you are fictionally supposed to. In fact, the process of pinning her to the wall involves a lot more breathless laughing and tripping over each other’s feet and general not smoothness.


I do not give her exactly what she wants. Half the time I don’t know what it is. I give her what I can, what I need to, and hope it’s enough.


I do not do everything right. She is as imperfect as I am. But if she was perfect I would run the other way. I would rather have this reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/26/17

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Verse 1:

I never had a love like this

this time, it feels so right

With you by my side

we'll brave through this hurricane together

love is what we found

in each other



The winds blow heavily at us

Look at the stars out there

They shine whenever we're together

You know me well but

tell me what it is

that you feel


Verse 2:

I get lost in this hurricane with you

I get lost wherever you go

Since you are my love

I won't wander anymore

I love you is all I can say



Our love is tested through time

It bends,it breaks, it heals

until you take me on

I won't let you go

you're my hurricane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Hurricane" symbolizes strength, wisdom, power, destruction, etc that a lover can hold but you trust them not to hurt you like others have done in the past.