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Take Your Time

Band Lyrics
Verse 1:
Take time ‘cause time ticks
It still goes on long after we’re gone.
I cannot wait on you forever.
Take on me.
Take a chance on us.
Take your time ‘
Cause I’ll be waiting
With open arms and eyes.
You’re tugging at my heartstrings.
They’re coming all undone.
I can wait if you take your time.
Take me away from here.
All I want is a place
Where we can be together.
This love found me here.
Verse 2:
Take your time to figure it out
What it is that you feel.
I’ll be here waiting.
Sooner or later,
You’ll realize it should have been me.
Love found me here.
Until you take me on,
I don’t want to do this alone.
Take your time on us.
It’s a beautiful life
That we’ve got.
Smiling and speaking,
I thank God for you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is a response song to Buddy Holly's "Take Your Time". Enjoy?!

Eternally Your's 1

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
I’ve buried my life with lies
False expectations of what they want
Instead of what I want
Now, it’s time for the mask to come off.
I shall confess to you
That I love you.
I’m eternally your’s

Chorus: Eternally your’s,
Hold onto me
Let the masks off
You cannot fool me babe.
Your eyes speak of our love.
Eternally Your’s

Verse 2: You say that you fell for me

Or was it me that fell for you?

Even if I lose myself,

Would you still be there?

Even if we end up on different paths,

Would you still be there?

Eternally your’s

Bridge: You said you were hurting

And I let you go.

Listen to the sounds of my heart:

Can you hear it?

All I can tell you is:

You gotta listen.

Listen to your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about two lovers who still are in love with each other, but, for some reason, broke up due to the circumstances. They’ll always love each other and have love for each other but they may be better off as friends than lovers if they ended up on different paths. It’s essentially about a relationship turned into a friendship.

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A Kind Friend

He is a kind friend of mine,

He is like sunshine,

In my life truly,

So untainted the bond is between him and me.


I feel like sobbing,

When I find him undergoing,

Some sadness,

Some unhappiness.


With him I laugh in glee,

Together we roam around to see,


And historical traces.


Like Jesus Christ a saviour he is,

And I take pride in this,

That he is my pal,

At times practical, at times emotional.


To him beholden I am so,

As Bassanio was to Antonio,

A friend like him is born rarely,

Pray I for his long life daily.

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I am quicksand

In a desert...

You are lost,

And your only hope

Lay someplace 

Deep beneath the layers

Of false pride

And prejudice

That your mother's 

Hand laid,





Eyes closed

For fearing the truth,

And hands clasped

In fists of rage,

Genetically embroidered

With ignorance...

You knew it was wrong,

But were programmed 

To weave your tapestry,

And i struggle with the question

Of what it is

That makes a child seek 

To emulate human kindness

When all they are taught 

Is hate.


I know it is senseless

To think i can help you

As you sink deeper

And deeper,

But you look to me

Because i am

The only thing

That has ever made sense

To that person lying


All those layers

Of hate,

That are so difficult

To face...

The truth

Of how you were

Buried alive

So young,

And so every once

In a blue moon,

When the ignorance

You have inherited

Slaps my face

For no known reason,

i count to ten.



Because i know

That familiarity

Breeds contempt,

And people

Only know to do

What they

Learn to do,

Whether you are

Buried in bricks

Or buried

In quicksand,

Is all just

The same thing,

Until you reach

The bottom 

And decide

Where the other person


And where you begin...

...And then

The hardest part

                                                                                                                   Is trying To stay still



The verbal bitch slaps are easy.


So go ahead,

Hate me until

You see

The other side of you.

By all means,

Hate me unto

The love

You cannot see.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

So many people put themselves through hell because that is what they learned to do...not because they are stupid or stubborn.


"Arrows of hate have been aimed at me too, but they have never hit me,

because somehow they have belonged to another world of which i have no connection whatsoever".


—Albert Einstein ---Quoted in Portraits & Self-Portraits, by George Schreiber 1935–1936. AEA 28–332.

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In the unique world of ours...

I stood unique...

With lots of foes...

Without a single chum...

With tears molting down...

Abaiding memories of yours...

Were rising up...

Lingering in me...

Just the imitation of the true...




Fake love of yours...

Stabbed me...

Impelled me ...

In solitary confinement...

Not for days...

Not for years...

Through the journey...

And throughout the journey...

No more confidence...

No more content...

Without u ...

In me...

Frustrated to the core...

At start...

It was hard to find you...


At last...

Its hard to hold you...

Here ends everytrhing...

IM QUITTING MYSELF...................... 

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