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Love Is Strong Enough

We Could Be (2018)

Only love can change your life

The energy moving through us and ahead

An energy strong enough to prepare you for repair

To prepare you for hearts that belong together

Our hearts strong enough for the repair

Belong together


It Is Written

Love me for me

I can't transform

Ever change

100% into what

You've conjured up

Before you met me

I can see it

In your eyes

You may not say it

But it is written

On your face

We both know it

What is planted

The magazines these days

Isn't always the true


You Cure Me From Inside

You cure me from inside

Pharmacon heart

You are the antidote

Wanted from within

Nostrum heart

You are just restor-ative

So therapeutic in nature

Keep kipper

Conception of Love

I believe

In the conception of love

I believe

In the weight love considers

I believe 

Love gives credence to life

I believe

Love takes at one's word

I believe

Love you lay claim

To the very question

Burning embers

Burning embers flicker like fireflies

Aimlessly buzzing the night skies


Beautiful hands of flame

Reach out to caress all that is within reach

Intimately embracing tree and shrub

With molten hot arms


Kissing flowers and licking grass

With its searing tongue and fiery lips

As it breathes its scorching breath

Of loneliness and desire

Into the noxious smoke filled air


Charred remains

Are left smoldering and lifeless

In the wake of a ravenous appetite

For passion and closeness

That it can never feel


But greedily engulfing and devouring

Everything in its desire to be held close

Until it has consumed everything

Including the life giving air needed to sustain it


Reducing it to a single starving flame

That is finally put out of its misery

By a merciful last breath 

Of a dying wind

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Verse 1:

Holes in my heart

Become scars of the past.

A scarlet letter

Is what you see.

I count down the days

From losing you.

You're still a bullet in my heart now.



With each breath that I take,

I miss you more.

With each passing day,

Not a day goes by

THat I don't think of you.

I hold you close to my heart.

I wonder if you feel the same


Verse 2:

Find me here in your arms.

The holes in my heart

Are like bullets.

They will ricochet

Whenever we're apart.



Is this what you wanted?

You're my remedy.

For the holes and 

Bullets in my heart.

I feel safe

Whenever we're together.

(3) Truth (A Love Story)

Regain (2017)

I love the truth

I see in your eyes.

Love the truth

I hear in the words

You speak.


Once, we separated.


The way it happened. 

Didn't sit well.

For the both of us.

Wasn't the way we panned;

But here we are.

At the starting point.

To the point we once left.

All so long ago.


I love the truth

I see in your eyes.

Love the truth

I hear in the words

You speak.


Together, no more distant.


The way this happened.

Sits well with me.

Hope you can find it.

In yourself to feel the same way.

Here we are.

Don't let a third time.

Crawl from up under us.

Leave us shores apart.

Let the oceans flow.

Without our thoughts adrift.


I love the truth

The bond made of us.

Love the truth

This desire we need to cling.

Clutch to me.

For the promise

Of a brace of life.

Lived well with you.

Dearly love.

Bind to me. 

Follow the trace of the truth.

In love.


When they say break.

We hold.

When they say become grey.

We blossom.

When they say fall.

We balloon with a bloom.

When they say its over.

We keep moving from the doom.

When they say we lie.

When promise in truth.


I see you love 

The truth in my eyes.

I see you feel

The truth in the words I speak.

Forever Alone


"He" will never concede to get down on one knee- 
"Alone" has become my destiny 

to be able to feel, I want no more 
all thy vitals shutting down to the very core 

at some point "Him" became "Them" 
needless to say "They" 
devoured my soul as "Their" personal prey 

No longer will I relinquish my soul to thee 
My heart shall close indefinitely 

Long will be forgotten those measly moments of pleasure 
those sensational caresses exploring the depths of my treasure 

so soon comes the "AfterShock" of how my world would shatter 
realizing yet again, I was no more than waste matter 

Everything will be fine, now that I've cut the ties 
I'm prepared to be alone til I reach my demise. 


lsr 2016

My Every Day Life


Every day life feels painful...barely to none human one on one contact. The usual hi or bye from students. the usual how are you but not really genuine.

who wants to get to know me?


suffering from this loneliness

I feel isolated

I hate being a loner

I want to have friends and go out and do simple stuff like getting together and chatting about nothing in particular

just the warmth of knowing we want to be in each others presence...and not caring that our conversation is lame or trivial.

I want to talk to someone about my deep mental problems

to pray together

read scriptures together


Since I left the life of the world

not partying

no doing drugs

or drinking

my friends have vanished

and now I am left with nothing

did I really have anyone to call 'friends' to begin with?

Had I only had God?

Everything and everyone is so fake.


when will they be genuine

am I crazy?

do I come off as insane?

why can't I have a normal life

wanting to throw myself in traffic

I longed for death since I was a child


how long will I have to be alone?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Suffering always